Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year Boys & Girls!

I won't say 2010's a bad year for me. Maybe it was till August? Till the day i found the boy of my dreams! That one person who deserves all the love in the world! The one who loves me? :) Really boy of my dreams lor....y'know how much i love Hello Kitty and want to be a kitty (sorry i'm a retard) right? Well this boy, he's really my Dear Daniel....LITERALLY. LOL.

In 2010, I...
-Watched my mom get married.
-Tried level 30 buffalo wings @ Sunset Grill.
-Changed my hair color 4-5 times - sponsored by Salon VIM!
-Went back to church (never been happier with this choice)!
-Fell in love with Kpop (bo peep bo peep bo peep ow!)!
-Became a regular at Nana!
-Became a better drinker (ok still lousy but BETTER!)
-Bought 4-5 different shades of pink housing for my Blackberry. Still have not found the perfect shade (which was the 1st one i bought and broke) and continue buying again in 2011. Lol.
-Got facial sponsored thanks to Beauti Instinct!
-I plucked out my courage to tell someone i like him! HEHE and it was a damn good move!
-I took my first driving test and FAILED. Haven't touched the steering wheel since then. Lol.
-Went to Universal Studios Singapore and loooove it.
-Got an award for what i do best, CAM-WHORING! I won the title Camqueen of the Year!!!
-Met wonderful people at Inknlight who now handles my packing and mailing! Things have been so much faster and easier since they came up with this useful solution!
-Watched Harry Potter for the first time and my knowledge of it is now broadened (ain't such a bad show afterall!), i know who Voldemort, Hermione, Snape,,,etc are now!
-Watched Rapunzel and it is MY FAVOURITE MOVIE OF 2010. Ok i liked a lot of shows i watched in 2010 but I REALLY LOVED RAPUNZEL MOST.
-Planned a pretty fun Christmas Party at the Boy's! Realised I'm always attending parties, or have friends who plan surprise parties for me but i've never really planned any parties before!

Well that's how my 2010 passed!

Last night...

Don't Stop The Music - NYE Party @ Daryl's office!

Star of the night!! Would love to post all her videos lor but quite uhm....explicit? Hahaha!

May 2011 be smooth sailing for all of you!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
Oprah Winfrey

p.s my new template really hates my haloscan/echo comment i'll just switch back to the blogger one! which means i can't reply directly to your comments (i've to like reply all in one comment, if you know what i mean)! :( i wasted $ on my echo package lor....


  1. Happy New Year 2011! May your year be filled with joy, happiness and good health. All the best in everything that you do. Stay safe and take care! (:

    By the way, you look gorgeous as ever. Love the confidence that you show in pictures, what an inspiration. (Y)

  2. Whr u bought the black gem ring? How much? And what lens you wearing? :)

  3. Happy New Year, Tammy!

    Hope you don't get annoyed with where you get your outfit questions? Everything on you is fabulous! :)


  4. Happy new year :)
    May I know where do you get your housings for your blackberry? :)

  5. Haha omg how did you pluck up the courage to tell someone you like him? :p BRAVE!

  6. it's so scary how big your eyes are, but it's pretty at the same time >_<

  7. Where did you got your stocking from?

  8. hello where do you buy your bb housing from! pls help me here, i've been trying to find one, thanks xx

  9. Exuvalia:Thank you dear! Happy New Year :) Hope you have a good one!

    Anonymous 1: Ring from Aldo! Geo lens grey!

    Anonymous 2: Sold the tunic on! :) Stockings from Topshop, shoes from a spree, jacket from HK.

    Anonymous 3: Find blackberry housing here:

    Anonymous 4: IDK man.....hahaha i was so shocked after i did that. So were my friends. But i'm glad i did...cus if i didnt, i wouldn't be with the boy of my dreams now! Hehe.

    Anonymous 5: My eyes aren't that scarily huge what! Haha. Anw thankew :)

  10. hi may i know where to get the name stickers? thanks!

  11. are those images taken with your g12?? amazing!

  12. Is the lens from the super angel series or the super nudy~ Looks damn nice!!! Is it comfortable for you!

  13. is the one in the turquoise raglan melissa?

  14. Try using Disqus for the comment system, it's really good! :)

  15. you know who is maltin?

  16. you are super gorgeous in this set of photos!

  17. Anonymous: Name stickers were printed out by Hosan!

    Anonymous 2: Yeah i love my G12!

    Anonymous 3: I rly cant rmb!! :( When i order again i'll let ya'll know!

    Anonymous 4: Yup she's melissa

    Anonymous 5: OK!! I'll go try it next wk! :)

    Anonymous 6: My friend's friend.

    Anonymous 7: Why thank you :)

  18. what do you know about maltin?

  19. Your eyes look AWESOME in this blog post! Huge and innocent looking! Mind doing an eye tutorial based on this make up? :)I guess many of us would be happy to be able to achieve this dolly look!

  20. Hey Tammy! You look uber super gorgeous! do you edit your pictures with iphoto?


  21. Where did you get your dress from?

  22. Bring in more of the tunic!!!

  23. hey, mind sharing where you get your geolenses from? they look osm :) thanks in advance xx

  24. did you photoshop youre first few photos? what effects you use reg the lighting and contrast? or what mode of camera did you use thanks :)

  25. where is this brick wall place? [first few pics] :3

  26. hey babe.
    why does dx have the 369 logo on her thigh?

  27. Anonymous: I know nothing abt Maltin? lol.

    Tessa: Kk one day! :)

    Anonymous 2: Happy new year! Yeah i use iphoto!

    Anonymous 3: Was selling it on

    Anonymous 4: Did an advert for her previously! Doing it again! If im not wrong it's

    Anonymous 5: Using a g12 in P mode and some Manual. I dont rmb the aperture and shutter speed i used though! I use iphoto to edit the levels, exposure and saturation.

    Anonymous 6: It's a Eastern lagoon. Haha.

    Anonymous 7: Cus my lame friend drew it for fun.

  28. U've become such an ah lian now.. :(


  30. Tammy!!! This qn is not related to this post but may I know what are the rates/prices @ Club Nana is? Where is it at too? Thank you!

  31. May I know where you got your wedges from? They're really pretty! :D

  32. happy new year tammy! glad u went back to church and is so much more cheerful n all nw. happy 2011!!

  33. Anonymous: Why do you think i'm an ah lian?!?!?! :(

    Anonymous 2: Thank you:)

    Anonymous 3: uhm free entry? but you gotta open a bottle ($200ish) for a table or maybe beer tower ($90ish)

    Anonymous 4: Spree!

    Anonymous 5: Yes i'm so much happier now :)

  34. You can also buy bb housings at Just saying.


  36. hey where in bkk did you and dx get these rings! i'm going to bkk soon :)!/photo.php?fbid=439822642068&set=a.439821987068.240053.648317068&pid=6485069&id=648317068

  37. where did you get your stockings from!

  38. how did you pluck up the courage to tell someone you like him? ._.

  39. Tam, are u gonna do a backorder for the dress you wore/sell? rlly luv it. :D

  40. Your hair looks so much better in this colour compared to the ashbrown colour ^^

  41. Greetings Tammy! :)

    Will you be doing a backorder for your tunic shown in the post? Really love it! - But it went OOS so quickly :(