Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year Boys & Girls!

I won't say 2010's a bad year for me. Maybe it was till August? Till the day i found the boy of my dreams! That one person who deserves all the love in the world! The one who loves me? :) Really boy of my dreams lor....y'know how much i love Hello Kitty and want to be a kitty (sorry i'm a retard) right? Well this boy, he's really my Dear Daniel....LITERALLY. LOL.

In 2010, I...
-Watched my mom get married.
-Tried level 30 buffalo wings @ Sunset Grill.
-Changed my hair color 4-5 times - sponsored by Salon VIM!
-Went back to church (never been happier with this choice)!
-Fell in love with Kpop (bo peep bo peep bo peep ow!)!
-Became a regular at Nana!
-Became a better drinker (ok still lousy but BETTER!)
-Bought 4-5 different shades of pink housing for my Blackberry. Still have not found the perfect shade (which was the 1st one i bought and broke) and continue buying again in 2011. Lol.
-Got facial sponsored thanks to Beauti Instinct!
-I plucked out my courage to tell someone i like him! HEHE and it was a damn good move!
-I took my first driving test and FAILED. Haven't touched the steering wheel since then. Lol.
-Went to Universal Studios Singapore and loooove it.
-Got an award for what i do best, CAM-WHORING! I won the title Camqueen of the Year!!!
-Met wonderful people at Inknlight who now handles my packing and mailing! Things have been so much faster and easier since they came up with this useful solution!
-Watched Harry Potter for the first time and my knowledge of it is now broadened (ain't such a bad show afterall!), i know who Voldemort, Hermione, Snape,,,etc are now!
-Watched Rapunzel and it is MY FAVOURITE MOVIE OF 2010. Ok i liked a lot of shows i watched in 2010 but I REALLY LOVED RAPUNZEL MOST.
-Planned a pretty fun Christmas Party at the Boy's! Realised I'm always attending parties, or have friends who plan surprise parties for me but i've never really planned any parties before!

Well that's how my 2010 passed!

Last night...

Don't Stop The Music - NYE Party @ Daryl's office!

Star of the night!! Would love to post all her videos lor but quite uhm....explicit? Hahaha!

May 2011 be smooth sailing for all of you!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
Oprah Winfrey

p.s my new template really hates my haloscan/echo comment i'll just switch back to the blogger one! which means i can't reply directly to your comments (i've to like reply all in one comment, if you know what i mean)! :( i wasted $ on my echo package lor....