Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meet Snuffles

...he will give you the sniffles.

*Boy & I going up the escalator*
*I spotted a huge bear at Watsons*
*Ignores what the boy was saying, ran to Watsons jumping up & down pointing at the bear*
Him: Quite cute ah!
Him: K we go eat first, damn hungry.

So we had Arnolds...and i totally forgot bout the bear after that. Walked around, the boy & i went our separate ways cus i had to do some work. Did my stuff and well the bear was completely forgotten about. Then came a phone call...

Him: *impatiently* Where are you?!?!
Me: Oh at blahblah lah!

*Walks out to find him. SPOTS HIM WITH THE BEAR.*

Goodness....that image of him walking towards me wanting to give the bear to me ASAP cus of the number of stares he got with that gigantic bear is so funny.

I love random surprises like that. He's a real gem. :)

& i'm not a horrible girlfriend either ok! I always blog bout me receiving but i also got give one hor! You cant expect me to be blogging and saying things like "Oh i spent xxx on my boyfriend! I'm awesome!". Lol.

If only such things can last we won't get sick of giving surprises and will remain this in love.