Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meet Snuffles

...he will give you the sniffles.

*Boy & I going up the escalator*
*I spotted a huge bear at Watsons*
*Ignores what the boy was saying, ran to Watsons jumping up & down pointing at the bear*
Him: Quite cute ah!
Him: K we go eat first, damn hungry.

So we had Arnolds...and i totally forgot bout the bear after that. Walked around, the boy & i went our separate ways cus i had to do some work. Did my stuff and well the bear was completely forgotten about. Then came a phone call...

Him: *impatiently* Where are you?!?!
Me: Oh at blahblah lah!

*Walks out to find him. SPOTS HIM WITH THE BEAR.*

Goodness....that image of him walking towards me wanting to give the bear to me ASAP cus of the number of stares he got with that gigantic bear is so funny.

I love random surprises like that. He's a real gem. :)

& i'm not a horrible girlfriend either ok! I always blog bout me receiving but i also got give one hor! You cant expect me to be blogging and saying things like "Oh i spent xxx on my boyfriend! I'm awesome!". Lol.

If only such things can last we won't get sick of giving surprises and will remain this in love.


  1. you're soooo fortunate! so jealous of you. all girls love surprise!!! 

  2. your boyfie so sweet! hahah, no worries be confident in your r/s. :) there's always someone right for you in this world, and you probably found your alr. so just treasure. Dont regret anyt that makes you once smile. :D

  3. May I know where did you get the black flats on <span>navy lace romper? :>

  4. how much is the bear?? :)

  5. hi . i think is better to tk pics of ur apparels standing up den sitting down so that we can gauge the length since there's no measurements given :(  and its also better to put ur hair at the back cuz ur hair often block half the top u are wearing and cant rly see the details. i also think measurements are impt instead of a v basic uk size becuz every clothes hv a diff cutting. just my feedback.. hope to see more apparels !

  6. What do u usually giv ur bf ? anything to suggest to give for 1mth anniversary?