Monday, December 13, 2010

Anniversary Issue

Just read something and it reminded me of the thing i've been wondering about for the longest time.

Is it appropriate to say like "Happy 1 Month Anniversary"?

It sounds weird to me. I mean like Anniversary is like a yearly thing right?


Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give I GAVE it to someone special

I cant believe X'mas is coming. I remember last X'mas. I remember it well. The giant card and eraser in an envelope. I remember it so well. I thought that was the best day of my life.

Things had to change. Things changed.

I thank God i moved on. Thank God i'm not spending this Christmas in sadness. Thank god for the boy - the best gift this year. The one who took all misery away. :)

p.s I think i did it! Managed to link Echo w my blog! If you're wondering why i removed my comment box, well my package with Echo expired and i didn't like the Blogger comment box cus there's no Reply button! Just upgraded my package and i think all's good now. So...I got a couple of "did you do your boobs?" comments. Read already i happy lor! Haha. Couldn't reply cus Blogger's comment box doesn't have a Reply button). This one i must reply lor, later people go like "Eh she ignore my comment. She's trying to deny!". Well i know it looks bigger now right but no i didn't do my boobs, i just gained a shit load of weight! I guess gaining weight isn't a bad thing!! ^^v


  1. hahaha, it's monthsary ! :)

  2. Hey Tammy, may I know where did you get your pink housing for your bb? Thanks!!

  3. just say that you were wearing a really awesome push up bra? :)

  4. hi tammy,
    on wed nights, if ladies go at around 11pm, do they have to queue long to get into zouk?
    and is it weird to dance if we do not follow or know the moves?
    sorry for being so random, just hope you can help as i'm not a regular at clubs. thanks! (:

  5. Hey tammy, I think it's perfectly fine with the 'Happy 1 month' thing. My boyfriend and I celebrate every month, it's really great cos i get to receive prezzies every month haha. maybe could say it without the anniversary behind the happy 1 month ;)  

  6. OMG. YOU WATCH GLEE? Do you like it??

  7. Happy 1 month sounds fine. But with the word anniversary in it always makes me feel slightly annoyed cus idk if it's right or not. haha. Anw, i celebrate monthsaries too~ ehehe :)  yay us!