Thursday, December 2, 2010

Online Shopping Mall

Have you visited my Jipaban shop? :)

They've revamped the website to make shopping much easier!

This is how my JPB shop looks like..

Well i'm not so active on Jipaban nowadays but from next month onwards, i will be! If you aren't aware, i'm selling shoes on Jipaban! It's like my online shoe site :) From Nov onwards, i'll have a lot of new shoes up for sale on Jipaban so be sure to keep checking out my page!

Unlike my livejournal online store, JPB uses a shopping cart system. You order, receive the payment advice IMMEDIATELY, pay for your purchases, submit your transaction details and wait for your item!

A few months back, you could only pay via DBS/POSB Fund Transfer however, JPB has introduced a new payment method...PAYPAL!

With the new integrated PayPal into the system, you all can shop all you want and don’t have to worry! Everything can be done in 3 easy steps, like this:

Step 1: Click on the PayPal/ Credit Card check out button to pay for your items.

Step 2: Login to PayPal using your PayPal ID and password, or enter your card details via the ‘continue checkout’ option if you do not have a PayPal account.

Step 3: Review and confirm your order.

Easy? :)

Besides buying stuff from Jipaban, Jipaban has a Facebook Application tool.

How to link your JPB account to your FB account?

First, you will need a Shopper's account,
Image Hosted by

Then, click on your profile,
Image Hosted by

You will find this on the left hand side of your page,
Image Hosted by

It will direct you to this page,
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
You can authorize it under your profile page. All products placed in the Egg-On, Wishlist or Purchased would reflect on your facebook.

When you add a product to the Egg-On list, it will immediately be posted to your Facebook profile - where your friends can leave their comments about the item etc.

Let's say if you're on a tight budget and can only choose 1 item out of 3, you can ask for your friends comments regarding the items! This would prevent you from having a headache! :)

Jipaban is definitely a One-Stop Shopping Mall for everyone to get anything they need and of course pretty OSF shoes.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping at Jipaban now!