Thursday, December 2, 2010


2nd Advertorial for CherSamme! I remember this blog shop as the blog shop with a reeeeeally hot model! :)

X'mas is approaching and blog shops around will be launching lotsa X'mas clothing! Including mine!

Here's CherSamme's Self Manufactured X'mas Dress...


Shop at CherSamme!


  1. HIHI! i loveeeee ur hair so chio!! may i know where ur hair length is until?? damn long and how long u kept it! and u recently trimmed ur fringe right? to side swept bangs right? can take a clearer pic of it? i wna see :)  where is ur fringe length until?? and, how do you usually pin ur fringe up? u use bobby pins right? cze from the way u pin it up really vvvvv nice and i wna learn too! can like briefly tell me how u pin up ur fringe? while having side swept bangs cze i have side swept bangs too! :D

  2. where u get ur bb housing from? and how much! ur phone is bb bold??