Sunday, December 12, 2010


Did you Zonk Out or Zouk Out last night?

I did the latter and i cant believe i'm awake at this time, blogging. Can't believe i can walk today! I got back home at 8am?! I think? INSANE.

Dance A LOT. Think i burned some fatz! Hehe! :)

I'm still glad i stayed for Guetta's set though! I like it despite what everyone says! I think it's good leh~ or maybe i just dont know what's really good and bad.

Went to the Capella to chill out and have drinks!

Beautiful scenery! Wish i stayed over so i can go swim in the pool! :(

The food is rly overpriced though...

After that, went to the carpark for Daryl's Boot Partaye~

Super cool la, we all didn't plan this! Hehe.:)

Ay then after the boot party, they were no longer contactable cus of the damn reception. Effing annoying lah! Cannot send out BBMs, SMSes...etc!

Wah i totally regretted eating lah! I couldn't stop eating the whole night. All the fruits, Old Chang Kee, chicken rice & alcohol made me have a big tummy!

Luckily can hide under my lace top! But wearing it half the night made me suffer cus if you didnt go to Zouk Out you'll have completely NO IDEA how packed and hot the whole place is! Lace top can suffer until like that....imagine those ppl who are wearing proper covered clothes!

Then it rained, so i had to keep my camera in Sherwin's bag. :(


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p.s omg my webstore is back!!!!! yay! no more over-crowding etc etc! WHEE~~~