Wednesday, December 1, 2010


(Romper F21)

Winning $5k has to be one of the best things which has ever happened in my life. However there's a price to pay for it.

I've to face a lot of criticisms.

Well y'know...the judges aren't blind...they're aware of my circle lenses and BB cream but still let me win? So how? What now? No matter what ya'll keep saying about me now won't make them take away the $ from me because we've a contract signed and all.

It's really hurtful la - all the comments left on my blog lately. URGH. I should be used to it already. I was, but suddenly like a lot thrown at me after winning?!

Oh and i dont understand it when people said "I begged for votes"....DID I?! I seriously think i didn't lah....but if i looked like i did then sorry? Maybe cus i really wanted to win and was damn enthu and all? I dont know!!!!!

Then again, i didn't win people's choice. I was FAR from winning people's choice! I won thanks to the judges. So the votes didn't count!

Still, i told my readers that with this amount of $ i've won, i'll give away 5 lucky readers my fav make up products right? I haven't decided on what to do yet though! Been sooo busy with work, work and more work. Quite a number of advertorials to complete this week!

Also, the arrival of 5 of my new self-manufactured designs will be arriving this week! I AM REALLY EXCITED! I am seriously hoping to bring my brand name back up the way it was last year! I know i have to work doubly hard to get back to those days. After losing a lot of customers, i've not been motivated and well didn't aim far. Just hope to earn enough for survival. However that's really not how a business person should think and my mentality changed after a discussion i had with some people this afternoon. Despite what has happened in the past, if i work hard enough and prove people wrong, there's still a chance i can go back up and i really want to see that. I'm going to improve my knowledge by attending talks, reading books and talking to the successful entrepreneurs i know of - hoping they'll teach me a thing or 2. Since i'm intending to do this for the rest of my life, i really need such skills. Never thought i'll need it cus i thought i was already good enough however, all the mistakes i've made and problems that arose showed me that i don't really know that much.

*p.s i havent bought anything with the $. i've used up half for my business! then the rest would be for rent + savings! I DONT INTEND TO USE IT TILL I DOUBLE IT. so yup. :)