Friday, January 21, 2011

Beauti Instinct

Yay! Facial, facial!

So yesterday, i did the Make Me Beautiful!

Left side of my face is the side which was worked on for about 30 min, CAN YOU SEE THE DIFF? My face is more lifted up, slimmer and my nose is also smaller! All this in just 30min! So can you imagine if you were to do it regularly for like 2 weeks? Confirm achieve V-SHAPE face and a smaller nose!

Beauti Instinct

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Tel: 67339149
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Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am to 8pm


Last night, while i was busy on my laptop, someone knocked on my room door and 3 girls barged it (ok yeah i dont ever lock my gate, bad bad habit! must change lor if not one day sure kena kidnapped)...


So we went to the poolside, had talks till 3 in the morning....and i am sooooo thankful for them :) Was feeling quite stressed up over tons of issues but being with them made me take my mind off lotsa things! I love them so much. So great to finally see them and catch up. Although they always make me feel like i'm a big fat bimbo at the end of the day cus i'm never on the same channel EVER. I'm a /m\ (no link) girl. Hehe.

And on a side note, i got myself my 2nd Balenciaga in Anthracite! :)

This means i cannot spend $ for the next 2 months already (cus i'm paying by installment). I'm not revealing where i got it though! Cus the bags go Out Of Stock EXTREEEEEMELY FAST. Like within one hour all gone. So imagine if i introduce so many people to the webbie, then no more bags left for me alr lor! Sorry i'm selfish....:(:(.
Sigh...i dread going back to the next tab on Safari. The Gmail tab. The amount of e-mails i got in the 9 hours i was asleep is kinda crazy. I just cleared it to zero before i turned in and now i wake up to find a lot of work left....which means i can't do other stuff today, like getting a manicure or buying toiletries or even giving Bunny a bath.

Still, love love love my job. Ohsofickle's my lifeeeeeeeeee~~~ :)