Saturday, January 22, 2011

Loving it Colorful

2 DIE 4!!!!!


So many movies i wanna catch! Hoping my boyfriend would agree to a movie marathon later....highly doubt so though. :/ I'm bored.....i can't do much on his computer. Wish i brought mine so i can do work! Waiting for Pastamania~~ I really am damn thankful for Pastamania delivery. It's like ever since it came out, i cut down on Mcdonalds. A LOT. Though sometimes, i wish home deliveries didn't exist. Oh god....i'll be how stick thin by now! I need to get a CNY collection ready by 24th...need to pick out some stuff for myself too! I didn't even keep anything in the past few collections cus whatever i liked was high in demand and i had to let go of my own piece. Now i'm left with nothing for myself WEHHHHH D': Y'know 2 days ago, i saw the nicest dress on sale at Topshop....i'm still thinking bout it.....

Show ya'll something pretty...

Im so gonna try! :)