Monday, January 24, 2011


CherSamme has just launched their self-manufactured collection - Burlesque!
For my readers, you will be entitled to free SmartPac for more than 3 items purchased or $1 off for each item if you opt for meetup!

Some dresses were sent to me...

I secretly wish they sent me the pink lor! What a pretty dress for CNY! Well i got the green one - still as pretty!

This dress is my ultimate fav! I super love it! I tried wearing it 3 different ways on 3 different days and it's amazing how different each look looks! It looks like a totally diff dress but just in the same color. Sadly, i didnt take pictures :(

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Do quote "OSF-CNY" when submitting an order form :)

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p.s and i have to say this again...THE MODEL IS GORGEOUS!