Sunday, January 9, 2011


My first week of January...

Finally visited NEX! That place is one place to go for food!

ESPECIALLY FOR FRESHNESS BURGER!!! Yum tum tum. Best burger in Singapore lor!

Took the first bite and Mos Burger's no longer on top of the list for me! Mmhm, Mos Burger has always got first place of Best Burger (the teriyaki chicken!) till i tried Freshness Burger!

Leopard corset top i got from the Cotton On Body sale!

Blue Sleeveless Top & Scarf Belt from :)

Awesome brown shoes (sadly, a size too small) to New Look!

Red Mango! Yummier than Frolick, less yummier than Yami. I LOVE YAMI YOGURT FOR LIFE!

Golden Mile for Thai Food!

Go try the shop (looks most new in the building)! It's all orange on the ground level.

That place has like the best chicken! However most of the things on the menu are like salads....MUST TRY THE PAPAYA SALAD THERE!

My first week of 2011 went pretty well.... :) This is a good thing!