Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love Your Lace & Puss in Pink

LOVE YOUR LACE offers quality Korea and Japan inspired apparels with rock bottom prices.

Priced at S$16 of every single item, LOVE YOUR LACE even offers a separate album which showcases REAL LIFE IMAGES of the apparels sold! This is to ensure that the apparels you receive will not deviate too much from the stock images you see on the site, and neither will you receive low quality pieces.

If you, like everyone else too, hate the long waiting time for your purchases, fret not. Items you've purchased will arrive WITHIN 2 WEEKS upon closure of spree!

Despite the already cheap prices, LOVE YOUR LACE is having CNY promotion! There will be a 15% discount for purchases of 3 pieces and more and if you are purchasing 6 or more items, there will be free registered postage!



Its near impossible to get your hands on the best designer brands at affordable prices!

If you're someone who loves fashion apparel of big brands at bargain prices then Puss In Pink is the store for you!

Puss In Pink is a virtual fashion haven based in the UK and Singapore! They have fabulous designer bags, accessories, sunglass cases, necklaces, encapsulated necklaces, contact lenses and much more under one virtual roof!

Puss in Pink carries Juicy Couture products at cheap rates! They also have products from Victoria's Secret, especially from the Love Pink collection, where their name was inspired from.

Super cute bag...

Also, find a range of Benefit Cosmetics (they carry my fav blusher BENEFIT CORALISTA (ok my fav is actually SUGARBOMB but the color is almost the same!) at UNBEATABLE prices, not to forget MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay and many more! You have to check Puss in Pink out to believe it. Prices are waaay below store rates in Singapore and that's the purpose Puss In Pink strives to serve! Trying their utmost best to make their products affordable to anyone!

At Puss In Pink, they allow you to request for products you'd like us to bring in, so email Puss in Pink!

Apart from designer products, they also have encapsulated necklaces! Now what are they you ask? You probably would have seen these necklaces when shopping in town but heres the low down on it.

Encapsulated necklaces are capsule pendants that hold a message of your choice on a rice grain, also known as rice art which is a delicate art,

Puss in Pink is also having contact lense pre-orders very soon.

Puss in Pink is regularly updated with new products, so to get the dirt on the latest happenings at Puss In Pink, join their mailing list to be the first to hear the latest news!



I'd be flying off later for a buying trip! Mad excited because i'm going to look for Men's Apparels for the upcoming collection! Yup....FINALLY RIGHT??? After being persuaded by my guy friends for 2-3 years! And...i've got like a reeeally cute guy friend to model for the apparels! LUCKY HE'S MY FRIEND LOR...hehe. Every girl will go gaga over him like they do on my blog (guess who?) (no it's not my boyfriend) hahaha.

Also hoping there'll be lotsa pretty stuff to bring back so ya'll can do your CNY shopping on www.ohsofickle.com.sg next week!

After this business trip, i'll be back to launch the CNY collect and right after, head to Genting during the weekend for play! My boyfriend and i have never been to Genting before so we've completely no idea what to look forward to! Besides the theme park, what else can you do in Genting? Any interesting things to check out? It's funny cus we wanted to tan....and go somewhere to relax so we were like "let's go to Genting since both of us have never been there!" - totally forgetting it's actually COLD there until we asked the travel agency. Stupid us. Haha. Shouldve chosen Phuket....or maybe KL - Sunway Lagoon right? :/ NVM! Hope it'll be fun!


  1. hi i would like to ask you how to remove underarm hair effiectively without leaving black spots?

  2. is the model gonna be Sheen? :D


  4. Hi tammmy,

    are the Brown Toddys 923 unisex or strictly for girls?

  5. my guess is sheen!

  6. hi there! CHECK OUT THE MANGO FACTORY OUTLET THERE :) the pieces are awesome at rock bottom prices as compared to sg's! hope this helps :)

  7. Sorry but their cosmetics are fake.

  8. hi i would like to ask you how to remove underarm hair effiectively without leaving black spots?

  9. Tammy totally random, but where to get Mac n cheese? Saw on your blog bef.

  10. DO NOT try the kenny rogers there. IT SUCKS BIG TIME. You can head to the mushroom farm, there is a free shuttle bus outside first world hotel and it only takes 5 mins. More to tze char food! VERY NICE! entertainment wise, only theme park and ripley's believe it or not. the indoor theme park is kinda retarded. There isn't anything much to shop for too. OH you can try the clubs there. Club Safari :) that's about it I guess!

  11. hey tammy! where did you get ur green skirt in your previous post? the one u wore it with stockings!

  12. Go to the strawberry farm! Take a cable car down and then get a cab down to the strawberry farm. Really awesome strawberries there! (:


  14. hosan or sheen! haha should be sheen

  15. HOSAN HOSAN HOSAN :D hehee

  16. you most probably get this question all the time, but..

    where do you usually get your BB housing from?


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