Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan Week 2

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In the 2nd week of Jan, i spent my week overseas!

Bangkok alone for work...

Cute pink polka dot luggage!

Awesome moisturizer from Beauti Instict!

Grand Diamond!

Mani and Pedi at MBK Centre! 500 Baht for both! Sooooo cheap!

Selling this pair of really cute sunnies tonight/tomorrow night on

Genting for the first time with the boy for our 3rd monthsary!

Super hate the 7 hour coach ride up to Genting :( if I were to go again, i'd take a plane to KL and a taxi there! Saves me like 4 hours +??

Resort Hotel!

We decided to heed the advice from friends and not stay in First Word Hotel despite the cheap prices. Heard it's quite bad there...

View from our room.

The weather is sooo awesome! It's like there's no aircon in the room but it feels like i was in an aircon room! So cold and nice everywhere we went! Felt so fresh.

Rings for you? Click here!

Super love it! Wish it was silver though!


Sequin shoes from MBK-BKK.

Super cool! Try it!

Answer at the bottom of post!

Go to Ripleys Believe it or Not to sit on this chair before you head to the casino! I think it worked for me lor...i won an amount just enough to cover this trip. Hehehe.

Unicorn man!


Frigging tall man!!! So scary la!

Visited Club Safari! Quite good music! A lot of Pitbull which got me reeeeally happy!

My first time visiting a casino! Good experience! BETTER NOT GET ADDICTED!!!!!


Mushroom farm for lunch!!

We were supposed to visit the outdoor theme park but IT HAD TO FRIGGING RAIN. Wasted lor....go genting and didnt go to the theme park :(

Spent $ in the arcade instead.

What we got with 800 tickets!

Buffet at the hotel! Penang Food.

Penang laksa! Yums!

*Answer: 5!

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Enjoyable week...a break from work! Now i'm back with a lot of work! Busy beeeeeee. Can't wait for my next break...CNY! Which is in less than 2 weeks time. Whee~~~~


  1. Heyyy if u dnt mind tellin, what is yr current hair colour??


  2. ahaha omg the number thing is super cool! :-D

  3. Where do you get your contact lenses from? What brand are they? :)


  4. Tammmy! when would you be having shoe sprees again?

  5. hey tammy was just wondering, genting says need to be over 21 to go into the casino right? did they not check or they weren't very strict? cause i'm the same age as you but i'm worried if my friends & i go we won't be able to get in :/

  6. are brown toddys from jipaban unisex or strictly for girls? where can i get them other than jipaban! please reply meeeeeee :)

  7. Hi, may i know what camera are u using? Thanks! (:

  8. hey did you buy the polka dotted luggage in bkk?

  9. i cannot believe that is your bf

  10. Anonymous: Didnt change my hair color! still dark brown!

    Anonymous: I know right... hehe

    Anonymous: geraldinet! Geo grey lens idk the exact model though!

    Z: im not sure babe :(

    Kris: They r quite strict actually! i was lucky!

    donk1: I think more for girls eh! cus sizes are small!

    Anonymous: G12

    Anonymous: Some luggage shop opposit grand diamond hotel!

    Anonymous: Why? Too hot for me? :(

  11. OMG the number thing is amazing!!! Love these things :)

  12. hi, may i kno where u got ur leather jacket? very cool!

  13. hey girl! i'm considering whether to get a perm in salon vim. may i know how much will perm like yours be around? its really pretty!

  14. is your bf a steward? is that why he flies regularly?

  15. Where did you get the top you wore on the last day from?

  16. Hey tammy, i think you are really brave to travel alone. Especially when there is a language barrier! (:

  17. your bf has dreamy eyes!

  18. You finally posted a pic of your bf! Heh happy for you! Hope you and your bf can stay together happily for very long! :)

  19. wasn't your bf daryl aiden yow???!! since when did you change?!

  20. heyys! Mind sharing how much you pay for this trip? And which travel agency did you go?

    thks so much for your time! Hope you had fun (:

  21. when u launching new collection for osf? any suitable for cny?

  22. Your bf should stop wearing cap!I think he looks better w/o one! Haha.

  23. Hi tammy, curious to know what you working as,not only fashion designing? I`m thinking of entering NAFA, is it good? because i heard you went before. :D

  24. Belly B: Hehe yes!

    Anonymous: My mom's lol.

    Anonymous: I didnt perm! so im unsure :( call them t ask! :)

    Anonymous: Nah he isnt an air steward! He just likes traveling!

    Anonymous: Yes...i love his eyes hehe.

    Anonymous: Thank you :)

    Anonymous: Since when was my bf daryl aiden yow?!?! Hahahaha i told ya'll he's just my super good friend!

    Anonymous: $210/person! Lodging + coach! Five stars!

    Anonymous: wed night!

    Anonymous: I tell him that all the time but he doesnt think so :/ hahaha. O well!

    Anonymous: I'm doing Ohsofickle full time! Yup it's good! Stressful but good! :) i didnt complete it though..personal reasons!

  25. mind sharing where u brought this top?

  26. What's the number thing about?

  27. Hi there!!! I wanna ask, for your online shop, where did you get the red beret (that hat thing- im not sure how to spell it!) it looks like a painter's cap! thanks!

  28. hey tammy, you bought your luggage from bangkok? how much was it?

  29. How much did you bought your pink polkadot luggage? cute indeed!

  30. Your bf is pretty cute.

  31. Hi, may i know where's grand diamond hotel ? I can't find it in google btw ): thanks!

  32. may i know where you got that red beret you wore in the shoots? that hat! :) thanks

  33. hihii where dif u get this from?:) thanks!