Friday, January 14, 2011


A Convenient, Efficient and Value for Money Service that can be used for next day delivery of wide range of items!

Lucky me! I found out about this new product by SingPost which is AWESOME! So happy i get to blog about it! Super useful to me and many blog shop owners reading this!

This is the SmartPac!

What's this SmartPac all about?

SmartPac is a postage-paid postal service for delivery anywhere in Singapore for a fixed rate and delivery takes only 1 DAY! So lets say, you buy on Thursday (mail by 5PM) and you'll receive it on Friday!

SmartPac costs a FLAT RATE OF $4.20 and can hold up to 3kg! That is A LOT OF STUFF. I can mail it to my cousin living in the west (i live in the east!) and save on my transportation fees & travelling time to the west!

How many dresses the SmartPac can fit?

5! 2 of it are maxi dresses!

Usually, when i mail stuff out to people, like say 1 dress, it'll already cost me $1-$1.50.

With SmartPac, I pay only $2.80 with the buy 2 boxes get 1 free promotion (valid until 31 Jan). Now I can mail out like 5 dresses at a flat rate of $2.80 instead of paying $7.50! I save $4.70!!! I can buy large KOI bubble tea with $4.70! Hehe

You can easily find the SmartPac beause it is available in all 62 Post Offices.

If you want to send out just 1 dress or like some documents, and want your friend to receive it fast, there's A.M. MAIL! Which is the same thing, except smaller & of course cheaper!

Send by 7p.m. Receive by 11a.m.

The A.M Mail is at a fixed rate of $2.60 and like the SmartPac, you get to receive your item the next working day!

If you buy over 30 SmartPac boxes and open an account with SingPost, they would do a free delivery and pickup from your house/office! This is great cause you can say good bye to lugging all the stuff to the post office!

I'm adding this option to (soon!) so my customers can choose to top up and receive their goods fast!
For buyers, SmartPac will be deposited into letterbox if nobody is available to receive it during the first delivery attempt to recipient’s doorstep. This way, you do not have to opt for a re-delivery and ensure someone is home at the time of re-delivery! Or...waste time going down to the post office the next day to collect your package.

What are you waiting for blog shop owners? Add this option to your online store!!!

p.s I will be sending this SmartPac to one lucky buyer for January's Giveaway!!! Stay tuned for more details :)


  1. is that your house??? so nice.

  2. hey your cny collection is GORGEOUS! if only i had the guts to wear those open back dresses.. Looking forward to Part 2! :)

  3. hi,

    Do you know where to rent studio for blogshop photography, Photographer, model?

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  5. Hi babe,

    Do you know where to rent studio for blogshop photography, model & Photographer? cheapest will be around?

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  10. your bra is like push up ttm lor. faker

  11. Anonymous: Yup. Nahh my house isnt nice!

    Anonymous: Thanks! :) Why! Only expose bck what! haha.

    Anonymous: Inknlight@ Joo chiat road

    Anonymous: G12! Cus its smaller!

    Addy: i did it 2 years back for $500?? by aelvin - pearls hill terrace


    Anonymous: Platinum mall!

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  12. Hi! May I ask if smartpac is safe? Like as in do they have a tracking no.? TIA!