Monday, February 7, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Been awhile since i posted...I THINK?? Anyway, i doubt a lot of people visit this space the past few days luh.

Gonna update even though this won't be a very interesting post....

I don't usually have like a super awesome CNY cus i'm not very close to my family members. Some language barrier :( They usually converse in Chinese or Cantonese. Sadly, i can only understand but not speak. :( It's quite sad to not be able to get along well with them....i usually end up sitting all alone at one corner with my phone. They don't do anything....they don't gamble and all either so it's quite hard to bond?

Anyhow, this CNY was great because spent time with my Boyfriend every minute - Till this minute!!! We cannot be separated lor....I LOVE IT! I love how i'm not the only one who doesn't wanna part! Hehe. Still, i know it's not good for us to be spending every minute we can together but really cannot help it? Toooooo in looooove.

Partied at butter on CNY Eve after my family reunion dinner at Roland's. I don't really like reunion dinners outside though. I like the usual steamboat at gramps best! On the first day of CNY, the boy and i woke up feeling shitty as hell but still had to go visiting. Quite a torture! Will not party on he Eve of CNY again next year! Then it was some gambling at his friend's place where i lost $ :(

Day 2 was about the same.....and i lost $ again at Caxs's place. Omg i hate gambling! No luck for me this year :( Well but i had fun lah! Plus CNY is not about making money! It's about bonding with your family and friends! After all the visiting and gambling, we went down to Zouk!

My face a bit too white in the next few picx :x smacked on too much foundation, oooooopsie. Whenever i drink i get daaaaaaamn red so i tend to smack on a lot of foundation to cover up the redness luh.

Pretty friend J!!!

T'was also Harriet's bday! Happy bday babe!

Day 3 was steamboat at Freda's and then to Zouk, again. In my very foul mood. :/ But all's good now!!!

Some cool effect uh! Not photoshop eh! Love love my camera much!

Baby Muffin & I

Awwww :)

Super hot babe alert!

Ok my CNY is not that interesting lah! :( Oh well~~~~~ But it's a good break from work! I think i've another 3-4 days break till i resume business for the online store. I really hope i won't be lazy and use the time to EXERCISE! Goodness gracious me...i gained 4 kilos!!!!! It's so scary to be at the weight i'm at now. Must shed those extra pounds and tone up!!! It's gonna be so depressing if my new collection picx turn out like crap.

Anyway Dingxuan & I did HOT SEAT on Clicknetwork just now! Hehe :) Was quite good i guess? We didn't have like a lot of weirdos tuning in and asking us nonsense. Didn't even ban anyone :D I think CNY ah, not a lot of people wanna be mean. That 1 hour passed pretty quickly. :) Thank god for DX, REALLY LOVE HER! Without her i think the show will be such a bore. I don't know why i can't be the usual crappy me in front of the camera. Like image conscious like that :/ Urgh.

Hope ya'll enjoyed your CNY! :)

p.s the recorded video of the LIVE show we did last night is out! CLICK HERE!