Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hellooooo! I just found something amazing!

Would you like to save up to more than 50% on off season luxury goods??? I KNOW I WOULD!

is an exclusive members-only online shopping portal by Shop@Post!

Find brands like...
- Dolce & Gabbana
- Ed Hardy
- Miss Sixty
- Diesel
- Emporio Armani

When you shop at HUSH, you save up to more than 50% on off-season luxury goods! IT'S TRUE!

You can find a wide range of branded products there, for both gender, no matter what your style is!!!

It’s a one-stop online portal where you can get great bargains at a click of a button. Furthermore, with their fuss-free online transaction, shopping online is so much easier, ONLY AT HUSH!

Stocks run out fast on HUSH, SO HURRY! If you're not able to get your stuff in time, FRET NOT, cus members get first-hand updates when the new arrivals are up!

How to be a member?

Visit the website,

Once you've completed your registration, you will be directed to the shopping site where you will find tons of luxury brands at a fraction of the original price!


 Dolce & Gabanna

Bags for school!

I got myself this top from Diesel... for $79 and its original price was $169 (discount of 53%!)

Love the back!!! :)

Also super love this white top from Diesel as well,

Once you've selected what you want, ADD TO CART and CHECK OUT!

So simple and fuss-free!

My item arrived at my door step in 2 working days! THAT IS SUPER FAST!

Here's some pictures of me in the Diesel top...

Simple and easy to match! By the way, it is very true to the picture shown on the website! Great quality too!

If you are unwilling to splurge on luxury goods, you can Shop@Post!

There's so much you can find on Shop@Post! With their range of products and great deals, you'll surely be able to find something you like at a great price.

Here are my picks!

1. Grid Shoulder Dress in Black (it is also available in Dusty Pink)

2. DVD - GLEE & Letters to God (i've watched this before and i'm going to buy the DVD to watch it again! It left my boyfriend and i in tears! It's soooooo good! )

3. Self-Help Books available too! My pick,

You can even find Home Appliances on Shop@Post!

Which is great cus in a month's time, i'll be shifting out of my current place and will need to buy a lot of home appliances, with Shop@Post, i can get it delivered to my new place and save the trouble of going to the mall to get it!

Isn't it awesome? Now lazy bums like myself need not come out of the house to buy books, DVDs, oven, fan...etc!

There's always a promotion going on so log on to Shop@Post today!