Wednesday, February 16, 2011


"(insert name)'s birthday is coming! What to buy?"

Every few months we ask this question don't we?

Well here's a pretty useful and great item that'll make a great birthday gift! Especially for those still in school!

Customized cases for your Laptop, iPhone, iPad...etc!

Introducing Snupped...

Customized Gadget Cases Like No Other Just For You.

Snupped is the world's first company that lets you create your own customized gadget case online. Choose from a whole range of designs, pair it with a matching interior, let us know what laptop you are using, and we will do the rest of the magic for you. After you're done, why not create a matching custom case for your iPhone / mobile phone too?

I've received my case from Snupped & am absolutely in LOVE with it.

Not only is it pretty, it is made of great quality and is durable! Everytime i go overseas, i just dump my poor laptop in my luggage and get soooo worried that'll break cus it'll be going all over my luggage. Now with my laptop case from Snupped, i can feel soooo save! :)

Snupped has protected thousands of laptops and gadgets from all over the world in style.

All Snupped cases are hand made! Instead of being mass manufactured by a machine in an offshore factory, Snupped cases are handmade by real people, custom tailored to fit your laptop perfectly. :)

Here's a design i chose!

"What I Drew In Class"

Cool thing is instead of a boring interior, you get to choose a design for the interior as well! :D

I had a hard time deciding what design i want cus they are all really pretty! Here are some examples...

"LOL! OMG, Pls txt me!"

I reeeeeally LOVE this but at that point of time it wasn't available yet :( SO SAD LOR! IT'S SOOOO PRETTY!

"Owl City in Cream"

"Pink Waltz"

A lot more designs to choose from!

Go to to get your customized sleeve now!

Oh & y'know what? You get to enjoy 10% off if you're a fan of snupped on Facebook!