Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sign up for IB

In about 1-2 weeks time, i'll be taking away the ATM Transfer option from!!! It's been causing A LOT of trouble for me.

1. People take too long! I give them 1 day, they can take 1 month, or even NEVER PAY. Causing me to have so much excess thanks to all these dead buyers.


Not just one or two but A FEW. It is impossible to tell the diff. IMPOSSIBLE!!! Idk where they got that skill from but i'm sure i'm not the only blog shop falling into their evil trap. I only realised it when at the end of the month, my account doesn't tally! To date, i've lost an INSANE amount of $ thanks to all the evil people out there ( _|_ !!!!!!!!!). The amount can get me an Hermes bag. FO REAL. I only started doing proper accounts for OSF recently and realised how much $ i'm losing every month thanks to such people. I've been doing my online store since 2007 so can you imagine how much i've lost? Maybe not just 1 Hermes bag....possibly even 2?

I know taking away the ATM Transfer option will cause me to lose quite a bit of customers but well LOSING $10K+ TO CHEATERS - EVEN MORE HEART PAIN. It's like giving out FREE CLOTHES LIKE MACHAM I DOING CHARITY.

So this post will encourage ya'll to SIGN UP FOR I-BANKING. Why would anyone not want to sign up? IT'S FREE & MAKES SHOPPING ONLINE A LOT EASIER FOR YOU!

You'll have your i-banking account ready in no more than a week (i think?)! :D

How to get IBANKING?

1. Go to . Click "DBS IBanking" at the left hand side.

2. You will be directed to this page...

Click the button "Apply for iBanking now", fill in your details in the form and YOU'RE DONE!

Wait a few days for DBS to send you the device and do the necessary stuff to activate your account.

Once your account is ready, log in...

How to transfer $ to other acccounts?

Go to this page to Add Payee (person you want to pay $ to)...

My Initials = Your Nick = Your IB Nick that will be reflected on my account. So when you've made payment, simply tell me your IB Nick (you can't change this so please stick to one), the date you made payment and THAT'S IT! No more scanning/snapping a pic of your receipts!!!

Remember to have your handphone beside you to complete the process! They will send you some code to your phone which you will have to use to complete the process.

When you're done Adding Payee, you can now Transfer to Other A/Cs!

Find the payee in your list of payees and make payment!

So simple right?

I dont know why people still don't have IBanking! I hope all of you will sign up for ibanking and continue shopping at! DON'T BE LAZYYYY! It makes your online shopping easier and it makes the sellers happier! Now the other blog shops reading this, YA'LL DON'T FORGET TO THANK ME K! HEHE. :)