Friday, March 11, 2011


Do you think i can like do something to my faded Balenciaga Cyclade?? Like is there anywhere you girls know that can fix the color of Bbags? Im soooo sad cus it's all faded and looks damn old but it's only less than a year old? I cannot look after my bags! How do people do it!!! :( My new Anthracite also looks like it's 10 years old now....and i got it a month back?! Ok but that's cus on the 2nd day, my foundation case broke and i stupidly soaked my bag in water. Lol. I'm so stupid but i was panicking like MAD. Oh oh oh and my wallet is the ultimate champion!!! 1 week and half the wallet color faded. Must be me spilling alcohol on my bags/wallets lor. STUPID ALCOHOL!!!!!!!