Thursday, March 10, 2011

Salon VIM by Chez Vouz

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I've always wanted a flat face persian cat!!!

I can't help but to go "awwwww" when i see them. They look so precious!!!!

But my dog will probably hump it to death if i get it now. Recently, he learnt to hump and it's annoying. Maybe after i spade Bunny i'll get a kitty! Then again, maybe not, cus i'm scared i won't be able to handle cats. I've no experience with cats....NO IDEA how they're like - how big their shit is, how much they pee, how to train them, how to bathe them...etc. Plus, i'll be forced to give away the cat if it doesnt get along with my dog - my dog's too precious. So cat, no cat for me :(

Btw this is damn WHOA...

I'm so going to try it! Gotta go buy brushes and eye shadows first! If i achieve that look ah, i can tell people i'm her sis and say "Tammy" is actually the short form for "TAMMIANA LIMA". Hahaha.

And after trying the above i'm going to try this...

She's sooo talented - Like Michelle Phan! Y'know in the past i didn't think make up was fun to play with BUT NOW I'M SO IN LOVE! I love how you can make yourself look like someone else? It's so amazing!

Updating with quite a bit of stuff later at 7pm! Do take a look! As mentioned in the previous post, i look pretty different in this batch of pictures due to the lack of make up. Cannot describe my love for make up!

p.s i promise a proper post soon....with nice picx k? need to get lotsa work done before i can go out and play!