Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Feet

Just tweeted about my "foot fetish" and decided to write a post instead since Twitter limits me to only 140 characters.

Ok not your normal "foot fetish". Nope, i don't like kissing toes or people kissing mine. Nope, toes don't turn me on.

My foot fetish is me constantly touching my feet making sure it's soft. Lol.

I've never used any foot scrubs before in my life because i've always had soft baby feet (because since young i try not to step on wet mopped floors - the detergent really spoils your feet). But this afternoon, at the airport, i sat down and felt my heels and it felt quite rough! So i got reeeeally worried i went to Boots to buy foot scrub and scrubbed my feet in the airport's toilet. LOL.

Then i thought about it...and i wondered...if anyone's like me? Constantly afraid of having rough feet? I doubt so la! It's so bloody weird hahaha.

Yknow it must be the maid who worked for my family when i was 5....she had reeeeally badly cracked heels and it was really scary. Think i started this "touching my feet to make sure it's soft" thing since then because i was scared i'll have cracked heels like hers. Also since then i got really afraid of stepping into wet toilet with detergent on the floor or mopped floors. Maybe that's why my feet is still pretty soft! Until this afternoon lah....i dont know why like that :( does wearing heels all the time cause your heel to become rougher???

So anyway, i did some research on Google to help those who don't have soft baby feet to achieve it!

Pretty simple!

All you need is...
1. Hot Water (we all have that at home dont we)
2. Pumice Stone (this would be best)/Foot File/Scrub
3. Vaseline (this would be the best! you can find it at Watsons under $5 - i think?) or any body moisturizer
4. Cotton Socks

Step 1:
Soak your feet in a tub of hot water for 30-45min. The hotter the better.

Step 2:
Pat your feet dry and use the pumice stone to scrub the hard and dead skin away. Spend about 5 min on each foot. Rinse it clean with hot water. Pat dry.

Step 3:
Slather your feet with Vaseline. Lots and lots of it! Just spam only. Especially at the heels part.

Step 4:
Put on cotton socks!

Do this at night, before you sleep. When you wake, remove your socks and wash your feet. You should have softer feet! Try to do this 3-4 times a week? At the end of 2 weeks you should've soft feet already!

Try it and let me know if it worked for you! I haven't tried it because i already have pretty soft feet - but when it gets rougher i definitely will! A lot of sites recommended the same thing so im guessing it should be really effective!