Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boutique 2

Sorry but i don't think i can do a proper post till maybe Friday?

Been soooo busy working non-stop preparing for the new shop!! YUPPPP I'M OPENING ANOTHER OUTLET. Going back to Haji Lane, above SUP! Wanted a ground level unit but no more left! So i took the same unit i took a few years back above SUP.

And yknow what? I'm going to work there and not employ anyone~~~~ :D Ok, i definitely need someone during the weekends (church) and some days when i go do the photoshoot for my online store or am overseas. But most of the days, i'll be there! YOU GIRLS CAN COME VISIT ME! THERE'LL BE A SOFA THERE! YOU CAN SIT AND TALK TO ME :D

I miss working in my own shop. I'm going to be soooo tired because now i've to work in the boutique myself and run the online store BUT i think i'll enjoy it lah hehe.

The 1st unit is still at FEP! My mom runs the FAR EAST PLAZA #02-100 outlet and she imports really unique stuff however many people complain it's too expensive etc. Due to insufficient shop space, we can't put much in the FEP unit so that's why she stuck to selling more "expensive" stuff as we don't have to sell a lot to cover! Whereas if we sell things at $20something i've no idea how we're gonna survive cus if you don't already know, the rental is quite mad there.

People complain and make noise and ask me why i don't put the online store stuff there...well yeah, the explanation is above! So... i decided to open another unit at Haji Lane selling more affordable stuff! Rental is not so mad so yeah! Stuff you can find in the online store can be found in the Haji Lane unit! Every week when i launch a new collection, i'll bring the new designs to the boutique so if you didn't manage to get it online, you can head down to Haji Lane to get it. :D

So well, it's 2 diff crowds for both FEP and HAJI LANE OSF Boutiques! The FEP outlet would be for those people who dare to be different and like unique clothes. And for the safe dressers, head down to HAJI LANE! :)

The boutique should be ready this weekend! Will update ya'll on it. Watch this space :)