Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not ur Barbie

we don't shave our legs every
day. Get over it. Sometimes,
we just want to talk to our
friends. No, we don't always
want to make out. Excuse us
if our boobs arent as big as
that girl on TV's. Hello, our
face is up here? Our bikini is
as far as you're gunna get,
pal. So don't try a n y harder.
NO, we're not going to hang
out with you all the time and
YES, we still love you. Our
best friends come first. Call
us your "bitch", or your "hoe",
we will publically embarass you,
at the least. We have our own
problems to deal with. Their
our OWN for a reason. We're
going to get moody, and we're
going to get needy. Deal with
it. If you're not Ken, don't
expect us to be Barbie.
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