Monday, June 6, 2011

New Collection

Wanted to blog today but was soooo busy! Think i'll blog at work tomorrow. Anyway, just did the preview for tomorrow's collection!

Launching tomorrow, Tuesday, 7 June at 7PM!

Btw! I just remembered something which happened. Ok so that day, a customer called me and asked "Hey! Do you have Susan (i changed the name) Platform Shoes in your shop?". Well, "Susan Platform Shoes" is a pair of shoes named by this other blogshop and i SO HAPPENED to visit that blog shop that afternoon and remembered seeing that product so i know what that customer was referring to. Lucky for that customer ok! Cus after that i reserved that pair of shoes in my shop for her. Did she really think that name of shoes was really that? It's funny! OH then it happened again today...SAME PRODUCT ALSO. WHY LIKE THAT AH?! That blog shop isn't a sister site to mine at all? Soooo weird.