Friday, June 3, 2011

Winner for Gipsy Scarlet Giveaway!



If you didn't get it, don't be sad! You can always try for the next giveaway! Maybe next week or the week after (would be giving away make up i think?)!


Omg so happy! One of my favourite local online store for make up approached me to do an advertorial! If all's good, i'll do a make up tutorial next week with my new make up! I love it when a site that i'm a fan of approaches me! I WOULDN'T EVEN MIND DOING IT FOR FREE! Haha.

Ok i don't know why i'm blogging.....i just wanted to let ya'll know i'm going to do a make up tutorial.....i could've just tweeted :/

OH YA....AND I REALLY WANT A RING LIGHT NOW. EVEN MORE THAN BEFORE BECAUSE.....almost EVERY Singaporean blogger owns one now!

I feel like such a lousy blogger because most of the Singaporean bloggers put in so much effort in editing their picx and making it look good and i dont cus i'm so lazy. Also, they 1) Are already naturally pretty 2) Have superb make up skills 3) Are photoshop pros. Most of them are actually all 3. NOW PLUS ONE MORE POINT, 4) THEY OWN RING LIGHTS WHICH WILL MAKE THEM LOOK EVEN PRETTIER IN PICTURES. Their pictures will look EVEN BETTER than before. Mine's bad compared to theirs with their ring lights, IT'S GONNA LOOK WORSE! :( This is sad. So so sad.

So yeah...i really need that ring light! Even my gf, Pony, bothered to get one so she can have good lighting making vlogs etc.

But then again, i really don't know if i can look prettier or not....what if i still look the same even with good lighting?! :/