Sunday, July 31, 2011

Living in Space

On Saturday, i decided to surprise the boy with a room at Wanderlust!

Wanderlust is a 4 level boutique hotel at Dickson Road, near Little India & Bugis. Not exactly cheap despite the location but it definitely was a wonderful experience!

The rooms are all of different themes.

You have the Pantone rooms on Level 2 - you get to choose which color you want your room to be (there's pink, green, blue....etc).

Then you have the Mono rooms on Level 3 - the Black & White Rooms.

And lastly, the Whimsical Loft where you can choose from five quirky themes, �Bling� , �ASCII�, �Space�, �Tree� and �Typewriter�.

This is Tree!

Booked the Whimsical Loft for The Boy and chose the Space theme!

Was quite angry cus we could only check in after 3+? And they didn't allow us to check out late either :/


Walked over to Sim Lim Square to have B's favourite hotplate Nasi Briyani from the food court. Too oily but it's reeeal good! I love my food SUPER HOT.



I preferred the Mutton one cus it's spicier! But both also nice!

Shredded Tee from F21

Entered the room and we sure did feel like we were "far far away".

Kiehl's products...

They even have a Nespresso Machine!

Super cute toys!

No gym and swimming pool though. Only a small Jacuzzi pool....

Sandals from Topshop.

I had such an awesome sleep cus the bed was SUPER DUPER COMFORTABLE!!!!

Few problems thought....

The water for the bathtub outside wasn't warm so i couldn't take a bubble bath :(

AND.... I HATE THE STAIRS UP TO THE BED. Everytime i walked down, i felt like i was going to tumble down! SUPER DUPER STEEP AND NARROW. I really wonder how the housekeepers clean the room everyday! Just 1 night there and i REAALY dreaded going up and down. Y'know...i wonder...How the hell did they manage to bring the bed + TV up the stairs?!

Maybe next time i'll check out the Mono Deluxe Room or the Tree themed room. :)

Wanderlust is located at...
2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494

Call or E-mail them! I find it a bit hard to book from websites like because you can't choose the them but if you call them it's easier!

Tel: +65 6396 3322
Fax: +65 6298 2211

U can also visit their website for more details

P.S this isn't an advertorial uh! there was a promotion when i booked it so i didn't pay a lot! LUCKY ME :D you can find out the rates from a lot of websites online like or :)