Saturday, September 3, 2011

Attention Seeker

Oh my goodness....i cannot stand her!

Ok, firstly, I must admit i don't hate getting attention. I love attention to a certain extent. Who doesn't? Right?

Then again, it also depends on what kind of attention i'm getting. For a good reason, or a bad one.

For a bad reason, the attention you get is WAY more BUT SERIOUSLY, WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT? (Like a bad kid in school, teachers usually remember the naughtiest and stupidest kid in class and not the smartest, most well-behaved one.) Do you know it's bloody hard to build your reputation once you've tarnished it? Do you know how many people already dislike you for the lies you make up to make people think you're a "celebrity blogger"? I've heard too much. Too much to still have a good impression of you. It's like if 1-2 people tell me something about someone (something bad), i don't really care. But if like over 20 people telling me similar fucked up stories about you...something must be really, really wrong with you.

Ok, then you can say things like "oh i didn't ask them to publish my story all over the internet...etc". Yeah, not your fault there. You can't blame newspapers for publishing things they think are interesting. BUT telling everyone that your story is here and there shows you're proud of it. PROUD OF THAT?! Wah....if i were you i don't know where to hide my face? The story is HOW LAME AND DEGRADING!

So frustrated with such people (actually, to be honest, she's the first...simply one of a kind)! I'm usually quite tolerant for people who didn't really offend me directly but maybe cus she has done shit to a friend of mine before (and it's an extremely good friend) that's why.

I really wish i could expose all her dirty little secrets on my blog. Then again i'm gonna get lotsa attention for the wrong reasons so no i won't do that since she hasn't really done anything directly at me.

Sorry for ranting. It's been awhile huh? Lol.