Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Pair of Jeans

Lately, i've been wearing a lot of Jeans! I love how jeans (ok actually, any long pants) hide my legs. If there's one part of my body i can change, it'll definitely be my legs! Hate my knees, hate my muscular manly calves, hate the scars....URGH. So anyway, i decided to do a collection with stuff you can wear with jeans. Just a small collection this week as i've been so busy with other stuff.

Launching the stuff above together with some bags at 7pm sharp tomorrow (Wed 7 September)!
See you at

Sorry for the lack of proper updates. I'm gonna visit an awesome restaurant this week so look out for that post food lovers!

Also, yesterday i discovered somewhere to go to when you're with friends in town and bored with nothing to do.

YOU CAN VISIT ST GAMES AT THE CATHAY! It's so fun! You get to play kinect, rock band....etc! Plus only $5/person for an hour. It's awesome cus everytime i'm at The Cathay for a movie, if i go too early, i'll have absolutely nothing to do! And yknow....when you have nothing to do, time passes SO slowly. Thank Goodness for St Games. :)

Some picx of my baby girl and i~~~