Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This is one real funny comment!

At first i felt angry...cus why the fuck would anyone cook up a story like that?!

Thought of 3 reasons why such a comment would exist.
1) The person wants to comment to make me look like a complete stuck up think-i'm-so-big bitch.
2) The person was drunk and heard something else.
4) I was really drunk and needed to pee so maybe a friend could've said it on my behalf for fun? Then again, my friends will never say such things lor!

When i'm drunk, i'm actually nicer than i usually am sober cus i'm a lot friendlier when drunk! I will not turn into a big fat bitch to anyone UNLESS i hate you. But i don't really hate a lot of people? Only 2? And im not the kind who gets soooo drunk i can't remember things i do. When that happens, i cannot even walk! I'd need someone to carry me everywhere. Haha. PLUS i know this is going to sound weird but i HATE saying my name. I dont hate my name...i just hate having to pronounce it! IT JUST DOESN'T COME OUT! When people ask me "What's your name?" i'll pause for a while. Not that i dont know my name but i feel uncomfortable saying it aloud? Doesn't roll out of my mouth easy at all. So that's just impossible for me to say...worst, say it including my surname? Lol.

Man...i've heard soooo many stories about myself that sounds absolutely CRAZY. Don't know to be amused or angry lor.