Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Was bathing and a lot went thru my head so I decided to write a post using my phone since my laptop isn't here and I'm too lazy to go outside to use my mom's.

So....I realised I'm going to hit my big 2 soon and realise I have one more year to being an adult! You officially an adult when you hit 21 right? Boohoo! I still like being a kid!!!!! Time reeeally flies.

I was thinking of all the things I use to do when I was really young and I thought of something!

When I was in primary school, every girl owned a book (I remember mine was a scented book with hello kitty on it! Hello Kitty fan for life!) where we got our friends to write personal details on like Name (duh), Add, Birthday, Horoscope....etc. I wonder if the primary school girls nowadays still do such things??? I've no primary school friends/cousins to ask (ok got cousins la but I only see them during CNY)! I even had a rule that they have to paste their fav pic on their profile page! FACEBOOK fo real! Then there'd be a column where they'll write poems.

Here are examples of the poems written,
Enid Blyton I am not, so I cannot write a lot, just 3 words Forget Me Not!

Tammy and xxxxxx sitting on a tree
First comes love, second comes marriage, third comes a baby in a golden carriage!


Which was your favourite poem when you were really young? Share! :D
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