Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Just had dinner at Mcdonalds!



Mcdonalds Monopoly is BAAACK!

Ok, just acting excited. HAHA. I honestly didn't know what it was about till my visit to Mcdonalds. Last time they had it, i didn't eat Macs. Actually....i did, but it was Mcdelivery. I'm super faithful to Mcdelivery man! So yeah, i hardly visit the restaurants. BUT NOW I WILL!!!! Cus the more i eat at Macs, THE MORE CHANCES OF WINNING $80,000.


Are you one of those who don't already know what it's about? Like me at first? Hehe.

Let me tell you more about it!

So you have to order an Extra Value Meal to get one label. Upsize it to get 2 labels! Go on a weekend and get double labels! Meaning you get 4 if you order an upsized meal! SUPER WORTH IT! I predict the Mcdonald restaurants are gonna be real packed on weekends!

I usually upsize my meals at Mcdonalds cus i've a giant appetite and honestly, even the upsized meal can't fill me up so believe it or not, just now i had a upsized 6 piece nuggets meal + a upsized double cheeseburger meal. YES I HAD 2 MEALS. Sigh....such a glutton. My boyfriend kept going "aiyah, you eat my burger lah, you sure not full" so i ate since he already had dinner haha. Eh but i exercise ah! So i'm not one of those super lucky girls who can eat A LOT and not get fat.

So 2 upsized meals gave me a total of 4 labels!

So before i show you what i won, let me show you what the prizes are...

Power right? I know...i also want the $80k! To get $80k, you will need to collect the Marina Bay + Sentosa Cove label.

There are 3 ways to win...

1. Instant Win - You get to win a free burger or drink etc...
2. Collect To Win - You need to collect labels of the same color.
3. Chance Card - I would love to get the Chance Card! You get $100 cash when you get the Chance Card! Don't win $80k but get to win $100 i will be very happy already!

But me, being forever unlucky, just kena a McSpicy...

But at least i won something! :D

My other labels...

I need 1 Toa Payoh label and i win a $200 DENIZEN voucher!

There are over 3 million prizes to be won!!! Go, go, go try your luck! I know i'm going to have Macs more often this week. :)

This is so fun! Like buying toto like that. Except this one, if you don't win, at least you have yummy food! :D

For more info, you can visit!