Monday, October 10, 2011

Tokyo 5

Ueno Zoo

Pooping Elephant

My favourite...


Look at that monkey's tail!

Injured bambi :(

Ueno - not a bad place to shop! A LOT OF FOOD TO BUY HOME!


Bought this for my iPhone 4S! Haven't gotten it yet la but i'm SO READY FOR THE SWITCH BACK TO IPHONE! Or maybe i can hold both my BB and iPhone....idk luh!

This day was quite sad cus my boyfriend and his friends wanted to eat this..

So i had no choice but to accompany them. You guys should know I USED to love fish right? ESP SALMON!!! Sigh but things changed after my visit to Tsukiji Fish Market, I CANNOT STAND EATING IT NOW. :( It's quite sad i always want to puke when i smell it? I hope this hatred for fish goes away.....i really do.....Haiiiii

Oh and anyway, this was my pathetic lunch,

Egg, rice and miso soup. :(

But it's ok! Right after, i ate my favourite ramen at Ichiran!

PLEASE BRING ICHIRAN TO SINGAPORE SOMEONE, ANYONE!!!!! It wins Ippudo HANDS DOWN. Wins the previous ramen stall i was talking about a few posts back. IT'S DAMN GOOOOOOD! You can choose how rich you want the soup to be, how much fats, how much onion, hardness of the noodles etc.

Oh oh and i love it that i can slurp my noodles when i eat!!!!! In Singapore, if you slurp means you have no manners lor. Slurping is so fun!!! Such a joy to watch people eat.....the sound makes them look like theyre enjoying it. Lol.

Their face mask is amazing!! WHY NO LUSH IN SINGAPORE???


Cat Cafe


I have never been surrounded with this many cats before in my life! So happy! Most of them are super shy though.

Unless you buy them cat treats!

My lunch! Really eat like a monster there! Explored TONS of food places! Didn't take picx though cus i always get so excited when i see food i forget to. :/ Crazy load of carbs but whatever cus THE FOOD IS SOOOOO DAMN GOOD. I cannot get enough! I'm still not the least bit sick of jap food~~~~

Fully blinged bicycle

Roppongi Hills

Mori Art Museum


Can't take picx of the exhibits though...

A super nice dinner to celebrate our 1st year. :)

Food doesnt look SUPER good but it was one of the best meals i've ever had. NO JOKE. Level 5 Roppongi hills i think? I am so angry i didnt take down the add or restaurant name.