Monday, October 10, 2011

Tokyo 4

Celebrated Boyfee's birthday...

Had a nice dinner...

And ended the day at a random restaurant near our hotel...

Super cute la! They have this in the toilet!

Surprised baby with a cake...

The bread cake is SO GOOD! The bread tastes a lot like "Chewy Junior"? It is CHEWYYYY. If you've tried Chewy Junior and liked it, you'll LOVE this!

Fuji Q Highlands

So proud of myself! I TOOK THE FUJIYAMA~~~

Made this for myself~~~ Hehe.

Sadly, didnt get to take a lot of rides as the queue was pretty long for most of the rides.

So sad i didnt get to go on the crazy vertical drop rollercoaster! The drop looks crazy man!

Yknow, i am actually very very scared of rollercoasters! BUT i love it because i get soooo scared till I get "high" after and cannot stop laughing! Hahaha it's like being on alcohol, but better? :D