Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'm writing this with so much sadness in me and I have to write to feel better.
Today my phone decided to die so I spent an evening with a dead phone. Got home only to receive The News. Bad news.
I was told my grandpa fell in the bus and is in critical condition. And I started to think about I never really did before. Yknow....I respect my grandpa a lot. I don't know how old he is but he IS old and hasn't retired. He's a workaholic. He cannot stop working in his factory and he does it everyday. Even the weekends are spent in his factory. Even chinese new year, he'll go back to work. I've never heard anyone at his age worked so hard.
No one understands why. He should be retiring and living the life man? He is so old, he has made tons of money, he has tons of money I'm sure.....even if he doesn't have all that money, he isn't alone, his kids are around to give him allowance. Still, he chose to work. He finds pleasure in working I guess? And I'm sure he has a reason too but chooses to leave it unsaid. By work, I do not mean sitting on a desk and being on a computer. His work is like knocking wood etc? He has enough workers to do that but he still works so hard?
He is so humble. With all that money earned, he should be going on holidays....exploring the world, eating all the good expensive food. But no, he chose to save every cent, like reeeally scrimp? Wakes up at 6am, takes a bus to work, then come back late at night, do the same. His factory is in defu lane and the walk from the bus stop to the factory is soooo not near at all! But no such thing as taking a cab for him. Or buying a car to drive himself to work daily. I don't know why but I feel he's doing all this for his kids. For his kids to be able to enjoy? Idk man....idk. I feel sad, he doesn't wanna go enjoy with the money he has made. He doesn't want to at all! Why???
I do hope he'll be fine. I do hope my uncles and aunties will plan a holiday for him. A good one. Let him enjoy and splurge.....for once in his life. I pray all will go fine....that he will be okay! I don't want him to go just like that:( it's too warning no nothing! :( I hope he stops working so hard and tiring himself. Looking at how old and frail he is just saddens me. Pray God will give him a chance to enjoy life. Tonight I pray....
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