Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Fuck! Why do I always have to face problems with my staff?! The girl I employed aft Teressa, she has a problem with turning up for work. On several occasions, she called in sick on the day itself and didn't turn up for work so those days, I either had to stop doing what I was doing and rush down to open the shop or not open at all cus I was too busy. Seriousfuckingly unreliable max?!

I really don't understand why why why I have to employ the wrong ppl! I really am more stern to this girl some more? Like I told myself to only have a boss-employee relationship and not like treat her too nicely like a friend...but still?! URGH!!! Frustrating to meet with such people.

Today she didn't tell me she wasn't going to work till 3 and oh boy...I had enough! Shop's supposed to open at 1 and you tell me so damn late?! Some customers waited for hours since 1pm! I'm really REALLY terribly sorry! I even had a girl SMS me at 2pm and I confidently told her "Yes! We are open today! Maybe my staff is a bit late today." and made that customer wait. I'm really so sorry! No more chances for that girl, I just sacked her today and am interviewing new girls tomorrow. Wish me luck! Lotsa LOTSA luck.