Friday, December 16, 2011

Starhub E City Channel

Finally had the time to sit down and watch TV last weekend, replying emails and doing things
at my own leisure. No more running up and down, chasing this and that, and I guess I’m almost done with the beauty sleep debt!

What made me happiest was my latest discovery! Guess what’s it??? *drumrolls*

StarHub’s E City channel 111/825 will be launching a new E City LIVE Sunday timebelt for the LIVE programmes! Example, (the Taiwan/ chinese ver. of Singapore Idol) Million Star a.k.a《华人星光大道》 and Taiwanese idol drama, Skip Beat! 《华丽的挑战》Yay!! *throws confetti!!!*

FYI, StarHub’s E City is a 24hr Chinese entertainment channel featuring the latest dramas starring the hottest stars from Taiwan, Japan and KOREA!!! Together with popular Japanese
animation series, and highly rated Taiwanese variety shows presented by popular hosts. (I’m guessing Jacky Wu, and Zhang Fei?)

I used to hate watching entertainment shows/ singing competitions esp those from Taiwan before, cause it’s always us watching them after like… (I don’t know how long) after it actually happened in Taiwan. But not anymore, cause StarHub has decided to air them LIVE like they are happening in Taiwan!! Starting from 18 Dec onwards, we’re now able to watch these programmes LIVE in Singapore, comfortably at home, from 8pm to 1130pm every – Sunday. Read more below!

PS. E City channel 111/825 is a FREE channel available to all StarHub TV customers!! Proud
to be one now :D

Million Star 《华人星光大道》
- a popular Taiwanese singing competition that goes in search of talented performers who have both singing talent and idol qualities all round the Asia region. Hosted by popular Taiwanese host Matilda Tao! Before the programme is beamed concurrently as Taiwan from December 2011 onwards, Million Star was broadcasted in Singapore, 1.5 hours behind the Taiwan broadcast. However, beginning 18 Dec 2011, the programme will be shown at the same time as the Taiwan broadcast! (Whoots! All you lucky StarHub subscribers!!)

The previous round of contestants who took part!

Matilda Tao as the host of Million Star! I love how she’s always so encouraging towards the
contestant, respect!

Skip Beat! 《华丽的挑战》
- a Taiwanese idol drama starring Super Junior’s SiWon and DongHae alongside with Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen. Skip Beat! relates the story of a girl who gets betrayed by her childhood boyfriend. In an attempt to take revenge, she debuts as a celebrity, and the drama unfolds with the various events she went through and her journey to climb up the showbiz ladder.

So cute!! And it sounds like my cup of tea, so dramatic haha. And also because Lee Dong Hae’s sooo cute! Super jealous of Ivy Chen who’s playing the main lead! If you’re equally excited about as me, Skip Beat! is showing its first episode LIVE on Facebook on 18th Dec (Sun) @10pm sharp. Note: LIVE!!!!

Simple! All you need to go is log onto and you’ll be
asked to “Like” the page first!

While enjoying your show, look out for a passcode or pin that will pop out half way. Remember that code, enter it to answer a pop out question and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes home! Easy peasy!

For those of you who are interested but are not subscribed to StarHub TV yet, you can do so now! Only SGD22.47 per month for up to 51 channels in the Asian Supersize Pack, cheap or what? Call 1630 or log onto now to subscribe! Enjoy your shows! Heh heh heh :D