Monday, December 12, 2011


Are you a beauty junkie?

Do you spend a lot of money on different beauty products every month? Then regret after that cus you spent $100 on a product that doesn't work?

Well let me introduce you to VanityTrove - a brand new monthly subscription service that just launched in Singapore this month!

What VanityTrove does is to deliver a box of beauty samples to you. Like receiving a present every month, you wouldn't know what's inside! They'll send you the samples of 4-5 hand picked beauty products from the best and latest in the beauty industry!

Brands are from high end, to cult, to yet-to-be discovered brands.

So instead of paying $100 for ONE product that you don't know will work, why not pay $25 for 4 -5 products? Better right? Plus, if anytime you wish to cancel the subscription, you can do so! So don't worry if you can't commit long term.

So it's $25/month And if you sign up for 13 months, you get 1 month FREE. A Beauty Surprise every month!! How nice it is to be greeted by someone at your doorstep every month with a box of beauty stuff right?

Shipped out on the 15th of every month, you will receive in 3-4 days, last day to register is the 14th. For this round, you will be given 7 beauty samples! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!

SIGN UP NOW AT if you're interested!

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