Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shabu Shabu

Haven't eaten Shabu Shabu since Japan!!! Ok, actually i think i did try Sukiya or something like that but it isn't comparable to the Shabu Shabu in Japan.

So anyway, that day my boyfriend brought me to a place in town for the BEST SHABU SHABU I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. FOR REAL. IN SINGAPORE. It is even better than the one i tried in Japan! I'm really, really not kidding. IT IS SO GOOD.

So so happy because we were so early and the restaurant was empty! WHICH IS GOOD! Because i ended up lying on the seat to rest after stuffing myself with so much meat.

Many different sets to choose from but we had the All You Can Eat one because WE ARE GLUTTONS LIKE THAT.

You can go there for japanese food if you're not into Shabu Shabu but I'm not too sure whether it's nice or not.

Here it is...
Magic Pot! Chose the pork bone soup cus it's one of the most popular soup choice there. WHICH IS SO DAMN GOOD I TELL YOU. THE SOUP ON ITS OWN IS FULL OF FLAVOUR ALREADY.

The different sauces. THE PEANUT SAUCE IS REALLY YUMS.

Oh yesss.....the pork!! I SUPER LOVE THE PORK LOIN. SUPER SUPER LOVE!My boyfriend loved the pork belly.

And beef! If you're super willing to spend, you might want to try the Wagyu Beef one....pretty sure it's dope as hell.

The restaurant's small and most of the time full even though it's at a pretty quiet part of town. I'd recommend you make a reservation before heading down...

Eno Oka
Address: 56 Cairnhill Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6887 5527

It is not the most accessible place via Public Transport so i'd suggest you drive down or hop into a cab. I PROMISE YOU IT'S SO WORTH IT. YOU WON'T REGRET.

Ok....and i shall end off with tons of pictures of myself because i'm a cam-whore like that...

Upcoming Topshop looking skirt by OSF! I can't release 'em yet cus the belts aren't ready. YEAH THERE'S GONNA BE A BELT! Gonna be available in Navy, Camel (what i'm wearing) and Dark Grey. SUPER LOVE IT. I was told the belts will only be ready around the 1st week of Feb...latest 2nd. :(

This metallic blue blazer was an OSF design 2 years ago! IT'S STILL ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BLAZER. Never fail to get compliments in this blazer.

Alrighty! That's all for today! RMB TO TRY THE SHABU SHABU!