Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Just a post letting y'all know I'm still pretty much alive! Haha. I feel terrible everytime I don't update this space after the weekend! This week was cus i spent too much time being a couch potato. Been kinda long since i did that at home! Love it!!!

Anyhow...its about time I closed the Haji Boutique for renovation since this period is pretty much "dead" at Haji Lane. The boutique looks like a complete mess ever since I moved in last year! Didnt really have a "quiet month" to close and do renovations since then. Now's a pretty good time I guess! I don't think I will do anything major though...just change the carpet, paint the walls and add some new furnitures? Will close for renovation from 1st to 7th March! Will then reopen with tons of new stocks! Yippee! I predict the upcoming week's gonna be busy and so much fun. :) this week I hope to clear as much stocks as I can before closing for renovation so do visit me at Haji Lane k? :)

Oooohhh and...I am looking forward to Saturday!!!! The OSF clothes buffet. Hehe. I will try to go down early to meet yall. We can take pictures for the blog (if y'all wanna!).

Will post outfit picx ASAP! Xoxo

I am still looking for
1) Carpet companies
2) Painters (or whoever who wants to paint the shop for me? good money ok! but it's a guy's job and hard work!)

If you have contacts of the above you'd like to recommend, do leave the company name + contact number in the comment box below! I've been googling but it's quite hard to find! Most of them quote me such crazy prices over the phone. :(