Saturday, February 18, 2012

Noise Singapore 2012!

 If you haven't already know, Noise Singapore is holding their festival showcase at Ion Orchard, Basement 4! From 16 Feb to 4 March! 

Noise Singapore is an initiative of the National Arts Council, and dedicates to making noise (pun intended!) about the creative talent of young people aged 35 and below! Through numerous platforms to express, develop and showcase their creativity, Noise Singapore hopes to encourage young people in Singapore to actively participate and nurture their relationship with the arts, as well as get them spotted for their budding abilities! 

Broadly classified under the genres of Art & Design and Music & Photography, the Noise community will learn from top professionals, interact with like-minded youths and share their original creations with the world. 

Noise Singapore platforms include concerts at venues like the Esplanade, that feature young musicians hungry for performing experience and exposure, exhibitions of varied scale that showcase the original artistic creations of young people, an online gallery, mentoring programs that link aspiring artists with top professionals in the industry, as well as workshops, talks and activities that focus on providing a fun experience of participating in the arts. 


So look at what I have got tonight at Noise Singapore Festival Showcase last evening! Be prepared to feast your eyes! 

Noise Singapore Festival Showcase is happening now at Ion Orchard, Basement 4! (Right outside Muji)

The first set of art pieces that greeted me was by these artists (as seen in the picture below!) Showcasing the World's Smallest Sushi! My favorite cuisine :D 

And look how they displayed the sushis so nicely! If you had bothered reading the measurements, the sushis are actually no longer than 1cm each! It's actually made out of a rice grain, a tiny fish, shrimp and egg roes! Greedy me actually asked the boyfee how it would feel like eating them! Cause they're so small, you may not even need to chew! Nom nom! 

This was the crowd when I arrived last night around 7pm! Filled with all the art enthusiasts, couples, individuals, friends and even families! Noise Singapore was kind enough to provide catered food to the guests!  

Scroll down to see more of the pics I thought were interesting and inspiring!

The panels glass filled with Open Categories artists' works! 

Credits to the artist, Jayden Tan!  

 This reminds me of "Dorothy", I have no idea why! But look at those strokes, created so finely for the hair, yarns and shrooms! It's new found respect for all these artists out there! We have seen your hardwork! :'D

Portraits painted of the culture at Chinatown Singapore! Of homeless and lonely elderlies at Kreta Ayer Square. My heart goes out to them, even though I can't speak proper Chinese. Nor do I even know them myself! 

This guy in the picture below is the artist of the portrait above his head apparently. Overheard him talking about his artwork so proudly to his friends while taking the shot! Hahaha   

Vintage portraits seen on the glass panels! Love them! Was hoping to see Coca Cola's calendar girls actually! I'd be super impressed if there was any!  

I'm kinda intrigued by this set of art pieces done by Elizabeth Sutrisna, on "Once Upon A Day"! 

More art pieces hung on the glass panels! 

 Donna, Collette and Silas looking into the shelves at the merchandizes!

 Congratulations to Noise Singapore Prize Winner 1: Daniel Yu in Art & Design!
And here are some of his artworks! 

The robot says "Hero Lai Liao" hahaha!

And congratulations to Noise Singapore Prize Winner 2: Jaime Wong in Music! 

Spotted a hand-sewn chameleon too!
Some handmade accessories were spotted as well! They're all for sale, so go down and show your support this weekend! 

And here's a photo of Collette smiling for the camera! :D  

Open art booklets displayed on one of their podiums! Go flip them when you're there, the designs are interesting and cool! All hand drawn by markers and pens (all sizes)!   

And here's me introducing the "Board of Smiles"! Put together by various awesome humans! 

Step 1 - Look around and pick a smile you like 
Step 2 - Then take a post-it and leave a smile or a message in return! 

So interesting and interactive! Immediately, I picked a sticky note and left a note behind. See if you are lucky enough to pick it out!

Here's the smile Collette picked! 

Nothing puts a smile faster than food! AGREE!!!!! 

One of the post-it I saw pasted on the Board of Smiles!

Create and design your own tote bag! Simply grab a Muji My Bag from this counter, and express your individuality on it! Start painting, pasting, coloring and designing! They provide different sets of stamps, (lightning bolts, alphabets etc), as well as markers and crayons! You can also choose to put up your completed My Bag on the wall for the world to see or bring it home as a reminder of Noise Singapore! 

Here's some of the tote bags that were completed and exhibited! 

To find out more about Noise Singapore, you can go onto now!

More events at Noise Singapore!

1. TAP Night Party (5pm to 8pm) & Flea Market (1pm to 8pm) is happening on 18 Feb! Venue is at Goodman Arts Centre Amphitheatre. They have lined up a string of music performances…         

5pm: Monster Cat                                                                                                                         
Monster Cat takes its name from the 'Bakeneko', a cat with supernatural abilities in Japanese folklore. The folk-rock band is inspired by this sense of the supernatural and the fascinating ambiguity of this relationship between creature and owner. 

530pm: Rachael Teo
One half of acoustic band Cove Red, Rachael Teo is an acoustic/ folk singer-songwriter who writes heartfelt songs, in the hope of healing wounds and restoring dreams.

6pm: Shigga Shay
Pek Jin Shen, a.k.a Shigga Shay, is a rap artst, music producer and song writer.

630pm: Zahidah 
Winner of 98.7FM's The Next Big Things competition, Zahidah is a storyteller who writes about the unspoken stories of the people she met!

7pm: For This Cycle & Travel Tales 
Performing under the moniker "For This Cycle", Weiwen is set to captivate with his unique blend of acoustic-guitar driven pop rock songs. Travel Tales is singer-song Ze Wen Seah, whose acoustic pop tunes is inspired by the experiences he has gained through living in different cultures.   

2. Make Some Noise is happening on 2 Mar to 4 Mar, at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre & Concourse! Go catch some of Singapore's latest up and coming bands and singer-songwriters at this 3-day concert series and walk away inspired!

For more information on Noise Singapore, you can find out more on or check out their Facebook page! 

And their Twitter!

See you guys tomorrow at TAP Night Party and the Flea Market if you're going to be there! Friends, buzz me when you're nearby too! :))