Sunday, February 26, 2012

OSF Clothes Buffet

Thank you all for coming down for the clothes buffet! I hope many of you enjoyed it! I mentioned you can fit about 4 items in the envelope and to my surprise, many people managed to fit at least 6?! I was so shocked but also very happy for them!! The best for the day was a girl who managed to get 9 items for $30! POWER RIGHT?! Hehe.

Surprisingly, i still have some more balance stocks! So i'll probably organize a sale, clearing each piece at $3-5? Unsure when exactly though, but do keep checking back k? :D Here're some pictures taken on Saturday!

  Love my neck piece from Topshop!
Was surprised to see this gold dress lying around after the buffet, WHY NOBODY WANT?! I LOVE IT! Haha.