Friday, March 16, 2012


Studio Rental!

As most of you know, I've been doing my shoots with Ink And Light for the past few years and I really love their new studio at 8 Purvis Street! It's really convenient and easy to get to, just 5 mins walk from Bugis Junction and Cityhall MRT.

Other than studio rentals, the space is big enough to hold private events such as post-prom night parties, hens night, workshops and events like my OSF Clothes Buffet!

There's  a total of about 2k sq feet of usable flr space. You can also setup sound systems, party lights and they provide gaming consoles like PS3, Wii and Xbox360 (had a blast with Dance Evolution on Kinect on a 55" TV).

It's really great if you're looking for a place that's private and exclusive, unlike chalets, which also tend to be out of the way. The owners are easygoing. You won't have as many restrictions as holding your party at a hotel, and the rates are lower too. You can do up the plac e according to the theme of your party, timing is flexible, they can even plan the party for you if you need their services. Engage their in-house photographer to help you take photos, and staff to do ushering if you and your friends just wanna let loose without having to worry about the logisitcs.

Contact 98628614 for more details on booking! Feel free to e-mail them at if you want more details! :)