Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fashion Studies

Many people have been asking me if i am going back to study. Well, despite already having a
business that is doing relatively well, i am still intending to go back to study! Many people come
up to me and tell me they do not want to study anymore and i'm like WHY?! If i could, i would
be studying! But if u don't already know, i gave it up as i was going thru a tough time with family
+ financial issues then. I am one of the lucky ones who manage to actually have a business that's
quite successful! But i wouldn't recommend anyone to take the same route i did cus the “blog shop”
industry is way too competitive. Plus, i have no idea how long this can last. In 10 years time, i'd be
30, will people still want to buy my stuff? Will i have to give up blogging and my online fashion
boutique? I am scared....cus if i'm 30 and things don't go so well, i have nothing to fall back on as
i've no Degree in ANYTHING.

Since fashion is my passion, i would love to start pursuing a degree in Fashion Design! This will
help me learn how to expand my business overseas, design better clothes, meet more people in the
fashion industry, learn more about fashion photography so i can do a really nice lookbook for my brand, and step out of the whole “blog shop” business and go onto a whole new level.

I was looking at the Fashion degrees around and NAFA will surely be my choice if i were to go
back to study!

At NAFA, you are able to study in Singapore but with international exposure, for
eg, Loughborough University and Royal College of Music courses include 7 weeks in UK when
students get to study with their peers in UK, use the campus facilities and resources, get new
inspiration etc...

You will have tons of opportunities for overseas learning trips for research towards final project!
The Fashion students get travel to Europe to attend Fashion exhibitions!!! I WANT!!!

If you want to work in the Fashion Industry, I heard that NAFA alumni get a head start in their
career and they also typically found employment within three months of graduation! And over
90 percent of NAFA graduates secured jobs in their preferred fields related to their course of

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