Thursday, March 8, 2012


Before reading this post, make sure you have already watched the KONY 2012 video to understand what I'm talking about...

I don't know why but despite reading the following articles going against the campaign, I am still a "supporter" of the campaign, unlike some of y'all.

Eg. of an article by a non-supporter

I read somewhere that no matter what, Kony is still going to get caught. The US government is gonna do something about it. I think they already did before but failed the previous time round.

So what is this campaign for? It's not "wishing" for the government to see it then act on it like what some people mentioned. Instead, it's for us to spread the word and show the rest of the world what's happening. How fucked up Kony is and all cus not many people know about him before the video went viral. Before watching the video, I didn't think abducting kids and brainwashing them to do things like kill their own parents existed! We only see such things in movies right? So this video did make me realise the many fucked up things happening in the world that exists.

One can say a lot more shit is happening around the world. Yes it's true. But one guy, abducting 30,000(?) children, that is MAJOR fucked up, no?

Then comes the money part, I believe I read on many blogs about discrepancies on the Invisible Children's funds here and there. Even if there really are, i dont really care. Wont switch my mind and think they're fucked up. Maybe cus I think they deserve it for working full-time on it an saving children. For example, Jacob, the boy in the video., I'm sure they had to provide lodging for him, food and water, fly him to US, pay for the paper work that has to be done for citizenship etc...all that isn't free right? And I'm sure Jacob isn't the only one they managed to save. So money part, even if they profited despite the fact they claim to be a non-profitable organisation, I don't think one should stop supporting the campaign just because of that? Ok la, it is kiiiiinda fucked up if that's true but stillllll, they aren't doing harm to anyone right? They're still saving kids, right?

I feel there's a lot Invisible Children simplified to make the video understandable for masses. It's only a 30 min video, how much can they put in? So they prolly didnt manage to mention a lot. And also, all the editing and effects -which people complaint about. Uh, people make a video nicer to watch also cannot? Lol. Come on, if the video is boring, like just a guy sitting there telling us about Kony, i think most of us would close it at 5 min and not bother finishing it right? So all those blogs bringing up so much about them based on what's in the video is kinda unfair what? How can they put in detail everything they did for 10 over years in just a 30min video?

I feel that every campaign that's around, there's someone who's going to be against it, no matter what. So therefore I am still not swayed and prefer to stick to my own views.

I still feel there's a need to spread the word and support Invisible Children. I respect them for all their hardwork. The best I can do is help spread the word since I can't and won't be in Africa doing any work. I mean how many people can give up their lives and go help others? I certainly can't. And I'm sure most of us too, cus otherwise, we'd be working in non-profit organisations too. So, better do something small than nothing at all, right? :)

Not exactly a pro and know EVERYTHING about it. Just stating my POV. Whether you agree or not is up to you lah. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, if one does not agree to the campaign, then so be it. It doesn't make them "heartless". Zzz at those tweets calling ppl heartless just cus they refuse to RT and spread the word. People don't want then don't want lah...?

Maybe you should also watch this video by a fellow Singaporean, Dee Kosh. Although he is damn annoying. There are times whereby I find him super funny but most times trying too hard. Haha. So anyhowzzz, in this video, he mentioned talking to someone who works closely with the Invisible Children and etc. Man, i wish he'd stop clapping though...frigging annoying, Dude! But well, yes here you go,

and read this too (a reader just shared this link and i am so thankful!)...
(this is really good....i'm glad they finally "defended" themselves.)
Can't review and reread this post Typing it from my phone. But well, I'm just voicing out what I feel after watching so many YouTube video responses and tweets on this issue.