Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wisdom Tooth

Finally extracted the wisdom tooth that has been bothering me for a loooong time.

Today is Day 2 and my face is even more swollen than yesterday. Is this normal? Should I worry??? My gosh I have got so much work I cannot afford to waste another day sleeping in cus of the discomfort! :(

Anyway, my experience wasn't exactly great. Dentist couldn't be bothered to calm me down. :'( felt so abused! Thankfully he recommended to remove my wisdom teeth one by one. I have to remove all 4! Cannot imagine if he pulled 2 out at a go ytd...I would've died! The dentist was terrible...did not even tell my the Dos and Donts. Didn't tell me what I could eat and what I couldn't. I had to google everything! :/

I am thinking of going under GA to pull out the remaining 3! Anyone did it under GA too? Must be hell expensive right, care to share how much?

Oh and I paid $800 to remove that one tooth. Gave me a shock...had no idea tooth extraction was so darn expensive. :O

Thankful for the Internet, sharing it so u can read it in case you're gonna remove your teeth and is faced with a horrible doctor like mine.