Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beauty Tip

I apologize if the above image is disturbing. Lol.

So well yes, this is gonna be a post on Facial Sheet Masks!

I have learnt a beauty tip a few months ago and kept forgetting to share it with ya'll.

The back of the packet of Face Masks always state "leave on for 15-20 min then remove".

How many of you actually leave it on longer? I do!

I always thought it'll be better to leave it on longer for more visible effects. Sometimes, i even fall asleep with the face mask on! :O

Then a few months ago, i read somewhere that it's BAD to leave it on your face for too long. I can't believe i've been using masks for so long and always left it on for an hour (or even overnight)! Instead of being more effective, it's actually bad for your skin and might cause more problems than you think. Since then, the only mask i've ever left on my face overnight is the Laneige Sleeping Pack - which i was instructed to leave on to sleep - which explains the name of the product.

Why is it bad to leave it on for too long? 

Some masks that contains glycolic acids must be removed as recommended because moderate to severe skin irritation can result if you leave it on longer, particularly to people with sensitive skin. (no wonder sometimes i wake up with red and blotchy skin after putting my mask!)

Your skin will also dry up due to lack of oxygen.

Oh! And it might also cause reverse osmosis - all the goodness in your mask might just be absorbed back into the sheet if left for too long!

Lesson Learnt: Always follow the instructions stated on products!

Not sure if this post's helpful or not. Don't know if other girls also assume that leaving it longer is better. Lol.

Correct Way of Applying a Mask (pretty sure most of ya'll know how!)

1. Put on the mask evenly over your skin.

2. Try not to talk or laugh when you have it on

3. Leave it on for no more than 20 mins

4. Remove it starting from forehead, moving down.

5. Pat all the goodness into your skin gently till dry.

Face Masks I Highly Recommend!

(I put a mask every 2-3 days)

All from this brand, Leaders Clinic!

Gotta thank VanityTrove and Xiaxue for introducing this product! I REALLY love this brand A LOT! Ever since i got introduced to this brand, i have stopped using all my other face masks (although the Hada Labo one is commendable too)! I'm not paid to blog about this ah!

They've 7 kinds for different skin types (the pic only shows 6 though).

The ones i use are...

Teatree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask (Light green)

AC-Dressing Skin Clinic Mask (Red)

Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask (Pink)

There's one more called VitaBright Skin Renewal Mask, which is also pink (but not in the picture above, i don't know why).

I love it all! I really swear by it! You can find it at Watsons. I always go to the one at Parkway or Raffles City. Not all the Watsons in SGP have it though! It's not expensive too, only $3.50 each! :)

2. Laneige Sleeping Pack (the only mask i leave overnight now)

I use this when i run out of the Leaders Clinic Mask. Quite pricey but definitely an awesome product which has stuck with me for almost 2 years! It's super moisturizing - maybe even more moisturizing than the Leaders Clinic one. However, you've to sleep with it, which can be kinda uncomfortable. Oh and also hate that when i put it on, my boyfriend can't give me goodnight kisses on my cheeks and forehead. :(