Monday, May 21, 2012


Yesterday I was having a talk with my boyfriend. He is 25 this year and he said he can feel his metabolism going down. So I went to google and he is right, a person's metabolism starts going down from age 25 onwards.

I started worrying. I'm already turning 21...which means in 4 years time, my metabolism is no longer gonna be as high! My goodness...can I just stop growing old already?! As I grow older I have more and more things to worry about. :(

So well I have 4 years to enjoy my rather high metabolism. This 4 years I will indulge in anything I fancy! What's up with teenagers going on diets? Don't need la (if you're not obese)! If you don't indulge in it now, you'll never get to in future without gaining weight!

But of course, don't go mad and eat so much you gain an awful amount of weight la. Later you reach 25 you're gonna regret cus getting rid of all that weight gained is gonna be hard!

Like I always say, just eat and exercise to maintain your weight. :)