Sunday, June 10, 2012


Last week, I was invited to watch NAFA's DEGREE GRADUATION SHOW! Was really quite happy because some of the graduates were people from the same class i was in when i entered NAFA (then quit after 2 weeks due to personal reasons). Watching the show made me kinda sad that i couldn't finish studying! Sigh. 

Anyway, here's pictures taken during the show!

Honestly didn't expect myself to be wow-ing away the entire time. I WAS SO SO IMPRESSED!

Illumetric by Chia Shao Ping

Transforming Lines by Elizabeth Soon

Already but Not Yet by Janissa

Burst of Paradise by Jeany

Defining a Beauty by Jesslyn Santosa

Timber Wonder by Joana Juniaarti

Batik Twist by Leoni Limusin Djoyny

Survival Travel by Vanessa Surya

Tribute to The Moon by Winarni Wiriady

Military Romance by Chan Qiu Yi

Teds in the Fifties by Cynthia Gunawan

Anatomical by Sity Nur Habeebah

Lady in Duty by Evania Asjikin

Fullplay: The Bicycle Girls by Hoon Pinyi Charlene

Eyes of the Kaleidoscope by Liow Min Ru

Urban Warrior by Christine Liu Pei Jun

Highlander Loe by Patnaree Piraphanapong

Liberated by Perlyn Peh

The Kimono's Transformation by Vania Nurtjahjani

Once Upon a Playtime by Wah Su Ling

In Transition by Yap Wan Shin

Which is your favorite collection? :)