Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Ok, here's a product i'm going to introduce to you that'll help you achieve good skin. There are many steps to achieving good skin and one important step is to apply TONER.

What does a toner do?
It helps remove impurities which your makeup remover might have missed.

Your daily skin care routine for flawless skin should be like this,
Remove your make up with a cotton pad > Wash your face with a facial cleanser > Apply toner with a cotton pad > Apply your moisturizer, serum etc. > Apply mask every 2-3 days

I found a toner which is excellent AND CHEAP!

I have TONS of skin care products. Some good, some bad. Of course i wouldn't wanna tell you which is bad cus what may be bad to me may not be bad to other people. I am always trying new skincare products if you don't already know. When i say a product is good, trust me k? Not paid to do this. :) 

It's less than $10 from Watsons/Guardian. GET IT! :D

Alternatively, you can buy Witch Hazel and Rose Water separately! Here's why!

Witch Hazel
Treat Acne: Witch hazel can reduce the inflammation on a pimple. Some people claim daily use helps with acne, and witch hazel can be found in many over-the-counter treatments.

Shrink Eyebags: Some people say that the application of hemorrhoid cream to those little baggies under your eyes can take them away. It's not an old wives' tale. One of the magic ingredients in a product like Preparation H is witch hazel, which helps tighten up the skin and reduce the bagginess.

Heal Bruises: But if you bang your leg or arm and are left with a nasty bruise, a thrice-daily dab of witch hazel can help speed up the healing time of the bruise.

Rose Water
Use It As A Setting Spray:
Rose water works amazingly as a makeup setting spray. These days you can get rose water in a spray bottle. Keep it on your vanity table and spritz a little bit after you have finished doing your makeup and it will set it into place. It is the best thing to use if you feel that your foundation is a bit powdery or too matte, it will give you a very nice healthy and dewy finish.

Use it to remove your makeup:
Pour a littel on a a cotton ball and gently rub in a circular motion on the face and around the eyes yo remove makeup.

Use As A Toner:
It can be used as a natural facial toner because rose water helps to absorb excess oil from the skin without leaving a drying effect. Make your own by combining 1 1/4 cups of rose water, eight drops of glycerin and 3/4 cup of witch hazel in a dark glass bottle (this is important because you do not want light to affect the mixture). Shake the bottle well before use, and apply daily with cotton balls or swabs. Rose water toner is perfect to combat acne.

Use As An Anti-Wrinkle Agent:
Apply rose water to your face to tighten pores and prevent wrinkles. Acting as an astringent with anti-inflammatory agents, the rose water will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Use For Irritated Eyes:
Using makeup and eyeshadows regularly can make your eyes feel dry and irritated. Rose water is very effective for irritation, redness and inflammation of eye. Put 2-3 drops in the eye 2-3 times a day.

Get Rid Of Excessively Dry or Oily Skin:
Rose water helps to balance the pH of the skin, helping to control both dry and oily skin and can soothe many types of dermatitis.

Get rid of Acne & Black Heades:
Rose water is also used to treat pimples and to get rid of blackheads. The rose petals have antibacaterial properties and are soothing to the skin. Mix rose water with lemon juice and applying to the skin twice a week . Another way to use rose water is to boil petals in water and steam the face for ten minutes.

Get Rid Of Itchy Scalp & Induce Hair Growth:
As rose water is anti-inflammatory and reduces dryness it it really good for dry itchy scalp. Rinse your head with rosewater mixed in water. It also nourishes the hair and induces hair growth by increasing the blood flow.

Use To Relieve Headaches:
Use a little bit of rose water on a cotton ball and apply around the eyes, forehead and temples to soothe headaches.

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