Thursday, June 21, 2012

Video Shoot

Yesterday 4 of my girlfriends helped me with a video shoot for Ohsofickle!

Doing a video of us in OSF apparels. Want to do videos to look back at in years to come because videos are less boring compared to pictures. :)

No hotels contacted me, or even replied my emails....pfft! So on Tue i booked a budget hotel to film at.   Then on Wed morning, the day of the filming, when i was about to leave home for the budget hotel, my boyfriend told me we're gonna get a free room at MBS next week. SIGH. What luck! Oh well...hopefully the room will look fine in the video.

Here are some pictures we took during filming...

 Christelle, Chevonne, Gwen, Donna and Me (behind)!

THANK YOU GIRLS FOR THE HELP! & Big thanks to Angela and the guys from Inknlight for shooting the video! Can't wait to see it! :)